Hey All:

I have a silicone mask made by AFFX and its totally killer! However, the actor who was going to use it this season had to be "let go".

This mask has NEVER been worn and has only been kept on one of the copious amounts of display heads I keep masks on. Kept in a clean and smoke free environment.

It has extra reinforcement in the silicone, it's crazy realistic and detailed.

I had them add on some extra blood and gore than the usual paint job consists of and I am in love.

Asking $100 shipping included. Will ship same day as long as post office is open.

Not interested in trades at this time, thank you!

First photo is just the mask in its glorious detail.

The second photo is a close up of the back of the mask to show that it is reinforced. It is a thick mask but VERY comfortable and easy to breathe (tried one on at Transworld before I bought this one).