Hi Haunters and Halloween Enthusiasts,

Thanks for a minute of your time (and $10 bucks towards the project below would be greatly appreciated!)
Don Patterson, a Columbus Ohio based filmmaker, and personal friend, has plans to make a major Haunt Documentary provided that he can raise funding. He is self-funding this project exclusively – making independent films is a very expensive process, the donations that are being sought are to purchase high-definition cameras needed for the project.

Don (aka Stone) is a excellent collaborator, incredibly talented and he is very enthusiastic! A film of this nature could do wonders to gain media attention, and potentially more press and more crowds in October – by raising awareness of the haunt industry to the public (I don’t believe that most people realize that it is an industry!).

This is a KickStarter project: what that means is that if the full amount is not raised, the project will be cancelled and your contribution amounts won’t be charged. Please refer to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...s-and-haunting. for more information or you may email Don at ihaunt@att.net

Best Regards,
Neena Collins, Midwest Haunters Convention (MHC) Producer & ScareAtorium Owner-Columbus, Ohio