As he handed me his admission money to The Ravens Grin Inn.
At his tour's conclusion I asked him how he rated haunted houses?
"I knew your place would be a good one when I handed you my money!"
(Because this is where we first scare so many people!)
It begins immeadiately and before they are ready! Memory of it lasts a lifetime.
On a negative note: He told me about a much talked about Haunt that he went to see after hearing all kinds of fantastic claims and ripe bullchitt, but he went expecting it to be more true than not.. was extreemely dissappointed.. "Was that "IT?" Is that all?"
He returned several seasons later and got the same "nothing " he previously was upset about... and he has never returned....much unlike another person who goes there every season hoping and expecting it to be more and better... and it isn't!
But he keeps handing them a large amount of his money every Fall? And keeps doing this?
Maybe there are other less obvious, common reasons that some people return year after year? Like they are lonely and like to stand in a crowd?
They feel guilty about having too much money?
They need this sub-par experience in their lives so they have something bad to complain about?
I would rather believe that everyone is doing the best that they can , with what they have to work with and hope others are as charitable when it comes to my own failings, which are numerous.