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Thread: Advice on bad vendor experience

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  1. Default Advice on bad vendor experience 
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    Mar 2013
    So for the last couple weeks our transworld orders have been showing up, and everything has been exactly what we've expected, until today. A prop we ordered show up and I was extremely unpleased with the product to say the least! There is broken welds, a big tear on a latex piece, the pose was completly different (he's staring at the ceiling), the eyes were painted instead of glass (like the floor model), the paint scheme was totally different, the teeth were not the same, there is no way the prop I received came from the same mold as the prop I saw at transworld. This is the first time we've had a bad experience with a vendor and I am just looking for some advice on how to deal with the situation. I haven't sent them an email yet because honestly I'm pissed, and I feel like I just got hustled by some twelve year old on eBay. So I figured I would wait until tomorrow so had some time to calm down a little. I don't want to put the companys name out, because i haven't talked to them yet, I'm just looking for some advice or suggestions on the best way to approach the situation.

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    I am sorry to hear you were disappointed with your order. I would always give the vendor a chance to rectify the
    situation before I would 'throw them under the bus'. Things do happen but give them a chance to make you a happy customer that would buy from them again. If they are not good on the customer service end you will find out soon enough and then it is on them.

  3. Default Give them the chance. 
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    Mar 2009
    State exactly what problem is like you did here to them. Avoid the temptation to get nasty the first round of communications. Possibly even state what would make you happy ...give them choices like take back and fix or compensate you for fixing. The ones who want to stay in business will work with you. They know they can be ripped apart on here and want to avoid that unless they are so overwhelmed with orders losing some business doesn't bother them.

    Getting fast response to a problem in Aug. sorts the really good ones from the not so good ones. And dont be afraid to sing the praises of those who do an amazing job. I had a problem with a piece I got from Distortions AND THE PROBLEM WAS NOT THEIR FAULT...it was with an electric componet from another supplier putting wrong size fuse into a control. I had the correct part in my hand less than 24 hours later...air shipped from THEIR supplier. So you know I do business Distortions now!

    If after a while you get nothing....well tossing under the bus is not the best. But I did it myself with a company who had problems in one area...and affected me two years. Second time I aired it here (not first time; but it wasn't as big a deal as your problems are) after getting the run around. They rectified the problem in their ordering process and I brought attention to them in a good way.

    Hope it works out with communications. Pulling the pin and tossing them a grenade on here can get ugly. But as a haunter I also feel it would be my duty to inform others of such things that look like a bait and switch....glass eyes...differnt mold as you say.

    Wicked Farmer `

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    Apr 2012
    Do you have, or can you find online, any photos of the prop from Transworld? I would try that, and I would include that photo and photos of the disaster finished piece you received.

    Otherwise, just try to be nice, but very firm on the first go around. It could be an honest mistake.

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