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Thread: Amazed!

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  1. Default Amazed! 
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    Mar 2010
    Ok guys two points on this thread:

    1) I LOVE this new way of communicating to actors. I've been using SlickText.com and had all my actors sign up for it. It's never been easier to communicate with all of them at once and has improved my ability to get volunteers to build and show up tenfold. And I can't wait to see how it works with marketing my haunts this year.

    2) Bad news I have never been so disappointed with a product until I tried foam factories hard coat...the jar I bought said to do a 1:3 ratio of water to hard coat and that an more water would not help with coverage, and it should have been more than enough to do a 16 sq ft sign....i had to mi it all up and still wasn't able to do half with three pounds of the stuff...sent an email and they had the nerve to tell me that they "are a small family run business and had to le some 'unreasonable' customers go in the past"....what kind of unprofessional crap is that when I called them out on their blatant coverage lies....so they tried to rectify the situation by offering half off of more hard coat...so I got a 25lb case and try included a totally different sheet saying you can do half and half....what the hell? This company burned a bridge with me and I will never use their unreliable product again. Does anyone know of a better way to do hard coat on foam to make it safe for most weather conditions outside? We finishe this sign but have a ton more to do and I will not give my money to a tube and unprofessional lying company again.

  2. Default hard coat 
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    May 2008
    Las Vegas
    Try looking up styrospray 1000 its a decent two part brushable hardcoat.

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