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Thread: Hauntcon 2014

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    Dec 2006
    Athens, Texas, United States
    Whats up with all the hostility towards Leonard? I just don't get it . The guys doing his thing if you don't like it or can do better then him then go do it !! I understand we all have our favorite shows to attend but come on this is getting personal !!! Who cares where the Hell its at. Supposedly your going to a trade show to learn or build your business. who cares what freakin clubs or casinos are located near by that's not what its really about. I originally wasn't planning on going in 2014 but my interest is peaked !!!
    I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!

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    Nov 2009
    I loved my time at Hauntcon it was a great time to be with people and socialize, a lot like MHC. Lenard is a nice guy and I think is misunderstood a little, yes he comes off a little pompous, but I not sure that is really what he is thinking. I thought that to untill you get him in a more social atmosphere you really don't see what he is really like. I had that chance at this last Hauntcon and the way he made sure there were snacks and beer ready at the hotel when we would get back from tours in our own haunters room and he would sit with everyone and just talk about how our day was. I went not liking Lenard and was not a big fan of Hauntcon but walked away feeling good about the whole experience. So when I say I don't take any of Lenard's classes that is just because I don't like the way he does his, it a personal thing not his fault. I am hoping this is a good thin for Hauntcon and they get more attendees, but any time there is change you will lose people too, so lets hope the gains out weigh the losses. The question I have is does this mean the show will be in Houston from now on and not move around? I like the traveling show aspect of Hauntcon, the different haunt we get to see is one of the appealing part of the show for me.

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    Dec 2008
    I agree with Mad Wax. I hate it every time you guys defend the location of Transworld as being it has so many clubs, and bars, and attractions!!! I don't care. I flew for the convention, to learn, not too party. If I wanted to party at a good club I'd go to Vegas, or LA, or NY. Best clubs in the world are only in those three locations. You can swear up and down that St. Louis is so much better than those but its not. The truth of the matter the reason its there is because Larry's Haunt is there. Thats it.

    I literally just got back from ScareLA my first ever Haunt Convention. IT WAS SO SICK!!!! I LEARNED so much from everyone there. You see Larry, Dark, whoever else is pissed off for some reason, some people can't afford to fly to St. Louis. I can however afford to drive an hour down the hill to LA and learn from people who know things that I don't. I'm sad I actually didn't get to meet Leonard. He was there doing seminars and classes but I didn't get to see him. Transworld is the biggest haunt show. It will most likely stay that way for the forseeable future. Who cares if Hauntcon is making the "wrong moves" in your opinion. Its his thing let him do it.

    Leonard has taught me some things through email communications, Larry has taught one valuable thing, but I learned more from going to a convention. Now everyone who is experienced doesn't need to attend these little ones but guys like me HAVE too. So just CHILL its all good baby! We all want to do the same thing. Scare the shit out of people and make enough money to do it again next year.
    Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Couple things... I've already said 2000 times I could care less if this show was in St Louis and if it moves I still wont' care. St Louis was great for TW and the haunt industry because of the price of the convention center roughly about 1/8th the cost as Chicago. The hotels are cheaper, and its a shorter drive for most everyone than say Houston (LOL). When planning a haunt show for the industry are you trying to be a regional show or a national show... if it was a tech show makes all the sense to go to California where most of the tech business are located. If its a farming convention probably doesn't make much sense in California would it?

    The haunt industry is 80% east of Kansas City... it makes sense for this show to be central in location not Orlando, not LA, and NOT Houston! BTW I use to live in Houston I lived there for 8 years I know where the city is and I know everything about the city. And for the haunt industry Houston in January the combination of the two is DOOMED! Is that being hostile to Leonard or pointing out a fact? If you want to talk about being Hostile I think this can be looked upon as being hostile to Transworld... so there is a lot of ways to look upon this.

    But I'm not trying to be hostile I'm merely trying to be helpful in saying that I hope Hauntcon can once again flourish but in order for him to do that he needs to make a whole lot better business decisions. For whatever reason he avoids the cities that offer the best possible situation with haunts for tours, the highest concentration of people within a 300 mile radius, etc. Boston, Philly, New York, Atlanta, or even Baltimore all east coast not once has Hauntcon been up there yet we had Houston twice now, Dallas twice, and this thing has even gone to cities with very little haunt community like Denver or Orlando.

    I don't think its being hostile pointing out the mistakes in fact lets all be honest everyone in this industry HAMMERED TRANSWORLD multiple times over the years... c'mon now! What is fair for one is fair for all...

    I don't take it as hostile I take it as pointing out facts or bringing up suggestions to make this stronger. Sorry if anyone thinks even for a second people are going to a show in January to buy haunted supplies when Transworld comes up two months later... they are blind! It won't happen!

    The only reason you are going to this show is if you want to see Halloween Retail... thats it! Hauntcon belongs somewhere else! That is an opinion that i think is 110% correct!


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    Aug 2003
    I have been waiting to weigh in on this topic just to see how it progressed.
    sadly, it got kind of ugly.

    Well, All I can say about it is I think it was a pretty creative idea to join with the halloween show.

    But I just don't see it working out very well.

    for me I would not want to be connected to a show that dumped us haunters all those years ago. I don't tend to hold a grudge but I just find it unusual they would be interested in joining forces again. To me it just smacks of desperation. I know that hauntcon is not apart of that tradeshow floor but in the same hall. But I think that the haunt buyers are going to have the same rough time with the halloween vendors just like they always did. I don't think that is going to change. Wholesale vendors should not be exposed to or selling to retail customers anyway.

    As far as Gore Galore doing ANY other show other than Transworld's Haunt and Attractions show, it is not likely to happen. We have either exhibited or attended most ALL the shows in the past, and we just don't make enough money to justify doing ANY of the other shows.
    I am not saying ALL these other shows don't have a place. What I am saying is you are not likely to see us exhibiting at any of the other shows unless something drastic happens. Finances and Time are something we can't spare much of. A show has to really create ALOT of quality orders and followups to justify it. And to be honest, the last year we did many of the shows, which was about 5 years ago, ALL the shows added up did not bring 10% of the business transworld brought us that year. And transworld has gotten that much better for us. SO, any other convention would really have to deliver.

    the thing is I really wish people would stop confusing tradeshows and conventions. they are different entities and have different functions. But I think they all really need to focus on what they do best.

    Transworld delivers the best vendors and tradeshow buying experience. NO one can compete with that no matter what anyone says or thinks.
    Hauntcon delivers the best traveling haunt tour experience and quality classes
    MHC the best actor focused party and education

    But I really do think that each show really need to not only stick to their niche but invest even more in making themselves successful in that niche.

    well, atleast that is my contribution to this discussion.

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    Feb 2010
    S Wisconsin
    I was not around when the two shows parted ways so I do not hold any bad feelings. Like GORE said, the shows are different. I think what made Hauntcon so good was the changing city thing for tours, new areas every year. I paid extra money for classes at TransWorld the past couple of years and truthfully, I felt that I wasted money on most of them. I like the included ones at hauntcon better. Will the new way work, time will tell.
    I'm not sure what the whole personal thing is going on, He has his business and choses to run it his way. If this "haunt family " thing is true quit ripping on him. If you don't go, ok, but don't bad mouth him.

  7. Default As you know..... 
    I got a lot of personal things going on with my fiancée dealing with cancer issue, tax audits and a lot of damage to my haunt just to name a few and at some point I will fill everyone in. But sitting here passing time I want to chime in. This has nothing to do with Lenard but I am not a fan of this idea they wanted us GONE! I was against the spilt and made it known but they got what they wanted us GONE! Now why would any of us want to go and buddy up? I told TW and Jen that anyone speaking should sign a noncompete and if they speak at Houston then they should not be allowed to speak at TW! It's like running and having dinner with the enemy or your ex! No one should be put in this situation! You threw your fits and wanted us GONE now all in the sudden you have thrown your arms wide open! I THINK NOT! TransWorld took a gamble on us and showed faith in us and built us a show we OWE THEM OUR LOYALTY ! We should say you know what's in the past is in the past but we have not forgot and feel no need in helping you or anyone else build your show! YOU GOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED NOW DEAL WITH IT! We were nothing but a distraction, unwanted guest, freaks and did not want us then and now you want us to help you now? Personally I would ask anyone who has been contacted to speak or do anything with them to turn them down flat! WE HAVE A CLOSE FAMILY HERE WHY THROW DRAMA IN THE MIX!!! WE DON'T NEED THEM JUST AS THEY DID NOT NEED OR WANT US THEN! WELL ATLEAST THEY THOUGHT SO! WRONG!!!! They have nothing to offer if you feel you need something or want to see more of something speak up TW will listen! They did before and now look at us! DO NOT HELP THE HOUSTON SHOW BOYCOTT THE HAUNT PART OF IT! If you own a costume store, gift shop or live close that's one thing but keep EVERYTHING Haunted within TransWorld! Shane and there is my two cents!

  8. Default Respectfully Shane I must disagree 
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    Dec 2008
    I don't owe anybody anything. And neither does the haunt community. I know very well that I was not around when the "Big Divide" happened so I obviously don't feel scorned as you and many others do I'm sure. Having that said don't forget this is business. This is not a family Shane. We are in business to either donate money to a charity, or keep a roof over our family's head and food on their plates. This BUSINESS is not to be touchy feely and it sure as hell doesn't require loyalty. In fact I discourage loyalty in business. Its something I've learned over the years. You see before when I started here I knew nothing. I still to this day know nothing in comparisons to many of you with such phenomenal experience but none of that was given to them. It was earned. Just like I've earned my experience. My experience tells me that no matter how much you think there is a friendship or "family" in business, you will never see that reciprocate into something real. Don't confuse yourself into thinking that Transworld gives a damn about you nor anyone else that attends. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending the other conventions, just always remember they don't do these things for free. Its not out of the kindness of their hearts. They made a gamble on money to be made, not having fun with a bunch of Halloween Freaks. Money was made and the convention flourished because Haunters gathered not because Transworld took any gamble on you guys. Hauntcon is failing I guess because of location and bad marketing (according to Larry and sounds legit). The other ones are nowhere near as successful.

    Lets try one scenario. For some reason all of the exhibotors at Transworld decide enough is enough. They are sick of the cost of the booths and no major haunt vendors are at transworld. Instead they all sign for Hauntcon. Because times are tough and the price is right. Now guess what... All the haunters that went to Transworld will now be at Hauntcon. the vendors will stay at hauntcon because they are making money at hauntcon and now hauntcon is successful. There you go. Its not about "family" its not about loyalty. Its about money. Always has been, always will be.

    These are just my points no insults meant towards anybody.
    Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!

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    Spooky Wishes

    City Blood: Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana's #1 Haunt Site!


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    St. Louis, MO
    Two things... One Noah FUNNY! Loved it!

    Secondly to the post previous to that one... I don't disagree that everyone does conventions for money. Do you think Leonard does it for free, or MHC does it for free I mean c'mon... that is ridiculous to even bring up! How many of these haunted houses out there are doing it for free, or let me ask how many doctors are saving your life for free? I just read a story on Yahoo where a girl was bit by a copperhead and they charged $51,000 for anti venom. Now that is ridiculous ... another reason for nationalized health care but that is another story.

    Transworld does care they care a lot so I hope you can learn over the years with your experiences with them to take back that comment... I don't agree with you there. Leonard is out to make money end of story and there is nothing wrong with that if people like what he does they will pay and he will make money. If people don't like what he does, or Transworld does they won't pay and they lose money... same goes for your haunted house or anyone else.

    Let me say this and I'm pretty sure I'm right here you can take all of these conventions and put them together and they don't spend half the money that Transworld spends to produce this Haunt show they do... when it comes to Haunt shows its the only one bottom line end of story that really pays the bills for the vendors. I've said this for years and I'm 110% right... you can start 100 of these shows, but the bottom line is really simple there is a HIGH cost to exhibit so their must be a HIGH return!

    It's more than just buy a booth and you are done... there are the following costs to go to ANY show!

    1) Cost of booths, electric, air if needed,
    2) Travel cost and shipping the booth costs
    3) Labor cost to bring people
    4) Hotel and Food
    5) Making product to bring to the show not to mention the booth itself.
    6) And the very biggest one of ALL ... TIME AWAY FROM YOUR SHOP!

    To go to a tradeshow takes atleast one week out of your schedule but in reality it takes about a month out of your schedule because you have to build the booth, build the product, load the trucks, drive there, do the show itself, load back up and drive back and unload everything again. Think about all of that for ONE second... now if you just stayed at home and built products for people who have placed orders YOU MAKE MONEY and you can also build MORE product. You'd be better off promoting your company on sites like this one, or other boards, or do mass emails, or run specials, make phone calls to customers, blah, blah than go to a convention filled with people who don't spend massive amounts of money.

    At least at Transworld you know every single haunt owner will be there with a checkbook.

    Now with that being said let me just say this... I don't even think Transworld is even the best form of marketing your business and its the top dog convention. I think the following is a ranker of things vendors can do to market their business...

    1) The Web... market your business through good SEO, good sites with traffic for your business, good placement on google, etc.

    2) Return Customers: The industry isn't that big really I mean c'mon so if you do a great job you get return business over and over again. Look at me I keep going back to Unit 70 and they haven't been to a tradeshow in 5 years. Have good products is really the bottom line here.

    3) Transworld: You get an opportunity to talk face to face with customers and hopefully meet new customers.

    4) IAAPA: This is a hot playground that most haunt vendors don't even consider... but let me say and nothing against Hauntcon, MHC or any of the others... THEY DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO THIS EVENT not even within TEN MILES! So if you are a serious vendor this is the show you should consider as a second option certainly not a retail show in January.

    You also have things like Hauntworld Magazine with up and down subscription base sometimes reaching 2000 subscribers, a magazine that gets new subscribers daily... we focus on finding the new buyers to help our vendors the most. In any event we are talking about the best ways to market and even if Hauntcon had triple the attendance it still wouldn't rank on my list and here is why... redundancy how many of these tradeshows, conventions are whatever what percentage is the same exact people? Okay so weed out all the home haunters and get down to the professional haunts who spend big bucks... what is the percentage of those people who attended say Hauntcon that also attended TW? So are you really scratching new ground here?

    So I will say again if Hauntcon would actually go to a city with a HIGH CONCENTRATION of people they would do much much better. Halloween retail show or not doesn't matter... Houston is not the city for this show. If Hauntcon went to New York, Boston, Atlanta, I would get a booth because then I would know there will be TONS of haunt owners there...


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