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Thread: Hauntcon 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by oakhillshaunterTHEFEAR View Post
    I don't owe anybody anything. And neither does the haunt community. I know very well that I was not around when the "Big Divide" happened so I obviously don't feel scorned as you and many others do I'm sure. Having that said don't forget this is business. This is not a family Shane. We are in business to either donate money to a charity, or keep a roof over our family's head and food on their plates. This BUSINESS is not to be touchy feely and it sure as hell doesn't require loyalty. In fact I discourage loyalty in business. Its something I've learned over the years. You see before when I started here I knew nothing. I still to this day know nothing in comparisons to many of you with such phenomenal experience but none of that was given to them. It was earned. Just like I've earned my experience. My experience tells me that no matter how much you think there is a friendship or "family" in business, you will never see that reciprocate into something real. Don't confuse yourself into thinking that Transworld gives a damn about you nor anyone else that attends. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending the other conventions, just always remember they don't do these things for free. Its not out of the kindness of their hearts. They made a gamble on money to be made, not having fun with a bunch of Halloween Freaks. Money was made and the convention flourished because Haunters gathered not because Transworld took any gamble on you guys. Hauntcon is failing I guess because of location and bad marketing (according to Larry and sounds legit). The other ones are nowhere near as successful.

    Lets try one scenario. For some reason all of the exhibotors at Transworld decide enough is enough. They are sick of the cost of the booths and no major haunt vendors are at transworld. Instead they all sign for Hauntcon. Because times are tough and the price is right. Now guess what... All the haunters that went to Transworld will now be at Hauntcon. the vendors will stay at hauntcon because they are making money at hauntcon and now hauntcon is successful. There you go. Its not about "family" its not about loyalty. Its about money. Always has been, always will be.

    These are just my points no insults meant towards anybody.
    I agree with you on this.


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    Oak I take no offence and when I used the word " Family " I knew some would pick up on it as a personal thing bad wording on my part. Bottom line Houston did not care about us they wanted us out and I own a big costume shop so it was the best of both worlds for me at the time. But they seen no need for us period we were a distraction so why would a haunter want to go back and support them now? What if TW had not stepped up to the plate we may still be without a real show today. I assure you if Houston was doing well THEY WOULD NOT BE CALLING PERIOD! IF YOU THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THEY CALLING HAUNTERS BECAUSE THEY CAN HELP US AS LARRY WOULD SAY YOUR DEAD WRONG! They want us to HELP THEM! But they are not doing good the aisles are empty its sad now they want us back to fill the show with some excitement well funny how the world comes full circle KARMA BABY KARMA! Again ask yourself did you see Houston offering a show of our own when everything went down NO! Again feel free to speak I take no offence! Shane and it's just my point of view!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkangel View Post
    I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, but who will be the big vendors showing at this for haunters to attend? Hotwire foam factory? Asylum Coffins? Seriously, it's not a real show unless Scarefactory, Gore Galore, Dark Raven and all the top flight vendors are there as you see at Transworld. Transworld shouldn't be concerned with this. I mean, hasn't everyone already attended Leonards "how to get started in the haunted house industry" seminar at least 3 or 4 times already? And if he does a "how to be successful in the haunted house industry" seminar I expect every hand to go up and ask him if he's such an expert, then why has EVERY haunt he's ever done failed miserably?

    Dark, Im starting to like your opinions.. Very insightful..

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    Thanks Slain glad to hear that!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MDKing View Post
    Darkangel, It seems as though you let someone, in this case Leonard, discourage you. If that was so long ago, it shouldn't have effected you up until recently. I remember back in 2000 and then in 2001 when I first opened Bennett's Curse I had a conversation with Leonard and because we started out in a mall and had a tiny marketing budget, among other factors he told me I was destined for failure. I used that and other doubters as a motivating factor and now Bennett's Curse is a hugely popular haunt with some of the best characters, theming and sets you'll find anywhere. Use what people say good or bad to motivate you. Leonard has his formula which he stands by, but that doesn't mean it will work for you or anyone else. As for opening in Virginia, why not? Maryland has ever dwelled in the shadow of the powerful Philly market, but that too never intimidated us we continue to grow and attract people from that market every year! If you have a good show, you create your own market where none existed before. Create your own following and grow by improving every year and listening to what your customers want.

    Thanks for the encouragement but It's more than what just Leonard said, its been a series if challenges but I expected more out of Leonard. It just seems like too many shows now when all you need is Transworld. Scare LA looked like fun but it still looked amateurish they were still doing those how to make your own tombstone classes Hauntcon is known for.


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    The Hauntcon floor plan with the Houston Retail show is online... no booths sold for Hauntcon but the retail side is probably where it always is. Check it out. http://www.mapyourshow.com/shows/ind...&norepeat=true

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    Looks like the retail side is pretty much the same. I think Hauntcon took some of the real estate of the fantasy section and it appears as if the isles are closer together. So it's probably the same size it normally is. The major vendors are in the same areas. It looks like the Fantasy side is a little more condensed and the Halloween section is larger. A few things have moved around, but overall looks the same. The area where Hauntcon is was mainly blocked off and used as storage.
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