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Thread: Its that time a year again... OMG

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  1. Default Was at a festival Sunday... 
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    Mar 2009
    We had a booth at a festival passing out flyers on our corn maze and haunt. Lady walks up with her husband a few feet behind her. She picks up one of my flyers all excited "Does this tell us how to make our own corn maze". She thought I showing people how to make them.

    Step up folks and get all of Wicked Farmers secrets and know how....all you need to know to make a corn maze....all on a half sheet of paper.

    Yes I HONESTLY HAVE told someone to not bother coming to my maze because "You are too damn stupid to find your way through it."

    Wicked Farmer

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Actually the best phone calls I get each year are these... already got two

    Someone calls me from my own town and says they want to open a haunted house and want to know if I'll help them! LOL

    I always ask what did you think this might cost... they always say they have about $25,000 or so to invest. I say back have you ever been to The Darkness? Yeah well $25,000 wouldn't build one scene much less pay for all the safety equipment you would need and then some...

    I'll just announce this now... I'm opening a 4th Haunted House in St Louis in 2014. I hope to get it done for a tour during the Transworld Show... I don't know how much its going to cost me but it will be a TON and I mean a TON!

    Opening a haunt now is one of the biggest risks possible ... between the building, labor, liability risks, marketing, safety equipment to you all know what else. I would probably say more fail than make a profit... so these calls are always interesting to listen to.


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    Jul 2012
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    Quote Originally Posted by drfrightner View Post
    Let me tell you the most popular phone call I get now... people call me and want to know if there is anyone in the industry that does any of the following:

    1) Can someone bring a haunted house to my building and we'll share revenue ... meaning you do all the work they pay nothing and get money for it. I tell them NO ..
    I would LOVE for someone in my home town to offer me a location, and have me supply the haunt! But unlike Larry, I don't already own a pro haunted house (or in his case, soon-to-be FOUR haunted houses! Congrats Larry!)

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    Dec 2011
    St. Louis
    What's the location on the new haunt? And what's it going to be like?

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