Last week we spoke about the different stages of Spanish moss, fresh, dried and dyed. Now, how do you apply it? We are going to cover fresh mosses now.

Spanish moss in it's natural habitat contains many leaves, branches and twigs in it as it has had years to accumulate them. The length of the Spanish moss can vary between 1 foot to 10 feet and is bunched heavily. Our pickers harvest fields that have been previously harvested. By doing this the moss is much cleaner and shorter as it has only had 1-3 years to regenerate. The length of our moss is 2 feet and is florist quality moss.

Application is according to the desired effect. Spread it out and it becomes whispery, try a single strand for an unusual effect. You will want to bunch it up some where major branches come off the tree. For high hard to reach locations, use a painters extension roller with out the matted roller, just the roller frame and pole extension. For a totally different look, take several separate strands and highlight them with fluorescent paint, looks great with a black light.
Want a birds nest, clump it and form it. Or try putting glowing eyes in a clump.

After use you can throw it up in trees and continue to grow it. Spanish moss like humidity as it draws moisture from the air. If you are in a dryer location, mist it occasionally and let rain do it's thing. It does not like to be on the ground and it attracts bugs when so. On our web site on the Spanish moss page we have a link to some great pictures of Spanish moss to get application ideas from.

We also provide other mosses that fit well into haunt scenes. Sheet moss is about 1/2 inch thick and comes in varying sizes, 8' x 15", 4' x 7", 26" x 10", 9"x 9" etc. etc. It is picked wild off of rocks, tree bark, limbs, etc. It is great to partially cover gravestones for an aged look. Simply attach it with mono filament line or pin it in the back with stick pins. To separate it you have to tear it apart, so it stays together easily for a thinner look. Sheet moss can be crammed into creases and tight areas for creating depth and naturalism in your scenes.

Mood moss is bright lush green and is about 3"-4" thick. It is clumpy and breaks apart evenly. Due to it's thickness it adds to height effects on the top of objects. Can be used near water or water falls for a complete natural look. It too can be attached with mono filament line, but be very careful as it can break apart easily. It is recommended to use on horizontal surfaces.

Reindeer moss is creamy white and brittle, about 2"-3" thick. When wet it becomes soft and supple. It is great against dark backgrounds and can be misted very lightly with fluorescent paint for a wild effect. Applications are similar to sheet moss.

All of the above mosses can be viewed on our web site and we have a special page, "Plant / Growing Moss" that can be very helpful if you want to continue with it's growth. We hope that some of this information will help you out for that special haunt scene. As always you can contact us for more info. Thank you.