I'm in the process of moving us over to new radio's, so the CLS's are up for sale.

Basic specs;

UHF business frequencies
PL and DPL squelch codes
1 watt output
Li-Ion battery (a few years old, but still last easily 6 hours)
3xAAA adapter to run on standard alkaline cells
Single channel (can be programmed on one of many UHF business band freq's)
Super easy to use
Standard 2 pin Motorola accessory port for headsets and mic's
Includes plastic swivel holster

I have around 20 of these to sell, a mix of CLS 1000 and CLS 1110's. I have no idea what the difference is, they are both physically identical, both do the same thing, both work together, etc etc. Motorola has no info on the CLS1000 on their website, the only thing I can figure is they were a "special" model number that Sam's Club sold (which is where many of these came from).

Fair condition. No cracked casings or missing pieces. They have been used for a few years now (only during haunt season) so they WILL have scratches and such on them, but they are all in working condition. Each radio includes a single bay charging station. I will eventually have a 6 port charging station for sale once I phase all of the new radios in.

Amazon has them for $159\ea new. I'm asking $90 shipped per radio. Email me at "brandon" at "hundredacresmanor.com"

I'll post up pics in the next day or two.