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Thread: HauntWorld Top 13

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  1. Default HauntWorld Top 13 
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    Mar 2013
    A previous topic about how the members of America Haunts are "selected" got me thinking about the Top Haunt polls on this site. I was reading the Top Rated haunts (all the way through 31) and never saw how these are selected or who selects them. The words "we" were used, but who's "we"? There's no way one person visits each of these haunts each year, especially during the season, so how do they get selected and ranked? The only thing I can figure is that it's by the amount of clicks to that haunts page on the Hauntworld website. I've visited several haunts on that list, and not only is the ranking way off but the selection of some of those haunts are highly questionable. Please tell me this is not another one of those "who you know" ranking list.

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    There are so many lists out there right now its gotten nutty... there are haunt owners now who started fake websites just to list themselves the best haunt in their city, state or whatever. Who knows how all these things are done now... all I know is we started the top 10 to the top 13 then we expanded to the top 31 haunts for 31 haunts of October then people went and copied that as well. I think most of the lists are created just to put themselves on a list.

    As for as the Hauntworld list Patti and myself put ours together based on what we know about he haunts and the support they offer Hauntworld. We do everything we can to help promote the haunted house industry and the haunts who support us. That is what our mission is at this point.

    I can't tell you how all these other lists are created and what their objectives are. Larry

  3. Default Ravens Grin ? On Fangoria's List? 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    yes we were. But had anyone at Fangoria EVER been here? doubtful. I guess maybe we could "Blame" this honor on other haunters maybe exclaiming about our different, creativeness to someone with open ears on the Fangoria staff? (Just guessing)
    We have never had any noticable "Gore" or Bloody displays here, so how about that?
    Our customers do become patrons though because of the odd-factor and the fun here.....
    Ravens Grin was also once listed on Hauntworld's list and Larry said it was because:"Different is good ,and Ravens Grin is very different." (Or something like that)
    I like to think every small, and beginning haunt and haunter out there could take at least small amount of happiness from us becoming noticed these ways, what with this house being very far from anyones, beaten path and population centers... so maybe these things could also happen... to YOU!?
    Stay "Positive!" Give it your best.

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