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Thread: Billboards: Digital or Vinyl?

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  1. Default Billboards: Digital or Vinyl? 
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    Jun 2013
    Looking for opinions on digital vs vinyl billboards.

    I like the look and 'wow' factor of digital, but they too are expensive and you share with 7 other advertisers on a 8 sec/per min rotation. The ability to change messages is a plus.

    Static boards do not have the flexibility to rotate multiple (endless) messages but capture more traffic impressions per min.

    "ABC" Billboard company will tell you digital is the best thing. When you do the math of 7 advertisers on one board, can you blame them?

    Feedback on web goes both ways; pluses and minuses. Probably depends on who wrote it.

    Feedback please..??

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    Nov 2009
    The different message is not the most important thing on a billboards. The secret to billboards is name recognition, who you are, where you are, and when, if your billboard does not convey those three things the rest is just pretty window dressing. We did 3 different billboards on a digital unit and we found that the vinyl billboard got the most recognition. And when I went to take pictures of our billboard I had to sit on the side of the expressway for about 10 min to get all three versions and drove by 8 times before I saw one of our graphics while driving down the road. I used to print and handle all of the billboard in the country for Chrysler and they did not like to go on a digital board unless the location was just so good they had to.

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    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    We just talked about this last Sunday in our meeting. I am not a fan of digital AT ALL. Sharing, and less impressions is never good for any business. I pass a digital board multiple times a day and generally see the same few ads. We went digital a few years ago ALONG with the traditional boards and I wasn't a fan of them. A bonus we're getting this year is "free" digital boards. The catch is we get the spots that are few and far between the cycles of the regular advertisers...almost like the "glitch" space. I'm not complaining though because it's FREE. If I had to pay though, I wouldn't...not much anyway.
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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas
    I think I would agree with the consensus I also favor the static boards. I have set and watched an entire cycle ,then I noted which as I saw just driving by. I only saw about 1/3 of the ads.that's with me actually looking.look at the general public and your message is only getting to a fraction of the people that actually traffic that billboard. I personally would stick with the old fashion vinyl billboard and maybe augment those with digital if you can get a deal or even free spots.sometimes "new" isn't exactly better.
    R&J Productions
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    Feb 2010
    S Wisconsin
    We have used the digital for a few years. The reason is that we had a package where we were on six, all in real prime locations. I learned after the first year that dark colors are not good on digital, you need bright to show up good. I don't know, I guess its working.

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