Chase has issued credit to my account. Sad day. Believe it or not; as it sounds unbelievable; but my first experience with Scarefactory was amazing. Back 8 years ago we were a growing haunt with 4 years under our belt we subcontracted out the haunting and we concentrated on the corn maze. It was early Aug. many years ago when our subcontractor broke contract. Found this cool company on the internet called Scarefactory and called them. GOT THROUGH in Aug. to them. Odered Slayer on the Pediment, a couple pop up animatronics and the Tombstone Reaper. Drove down a few days later with the tandem axle grain truck and picked them up. Nothing to it. Have had Scissor Searpent, and other pieces as well over the years.

Been more than once on here they have been gang piled on by haunters complaining about break downs and I defended them saying I have not had problems...and I do maintance and lubrication to the pieces that should be done.

Just a shame they have such a nice display every year...and now I will just walk on by.

Wicked Farmer