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Thread: Alien plant flower

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    Jul 2012
    It's beautiful! Did you ever figure out what it is??

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    Jul 2010
    Hmmm.. would make a great 5', man-eating haunt prop!
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    Oct 2012
    That is called the "dutchman's pipe".

    I suppose it's alien in that it's from south america.

  4. Default The alien flower is 
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    Aug 2013
    Englewood, FL
    I_like_to_haunt & Toothpaste, This thing is named Aristolochia Braziliensis, it is similar to Gigantea but has larger flowers. The Dutchman's Pipe is similar, but the flower is longer, thinner and extends out instead of hanging and resembles a pipe.

    This thing grows so fast it's ridiculous, every where there is a leaf, another branch comes out and so on.

    Here is a picture of the entire plant in a large container, a view of a herd of flowers, and an orchid flower that I expect to be the Spouse.

    ZombieToxin, you are so right, it would make a killer prop and story line. But you would have to include the Spouse as The Queen as it too is weird.

    I also have another weird plant named Aristolochia Domingos martins-cymbifera whose leaves look the same but has the wildest looking flower I have ever seen, completely different flower except for the pouch. Whenever it blooms I will post it.
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