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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Has anyone ever experienced a real ghost in their haunted attraction? Ever seen something weird in the haunted house? A real ghost anything?


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    Nov 2003
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Yup, quite a few times. Our website even chronicles a lot of them, but the activity has been slowing down over the past few years. I think they are getting used to us being there.

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    Oct 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Old topic, but I'll bump it back up anyhow.

    Right off the bat, I don't believe in ghosts, "hauntings", paranormal, etc. I think much of my dislike for it is all of the over-the-top haunt specials on TV. Especially the british group, I think it's Scariest Places in the World or something like that. They over dramatize *everything* on the show. "Oh my! Did you hear that! Did you see that!!! Right there!!!" Please. Let it go already.

    Anyhow, that all being said, twice I've experienced some "weirdness" at our place, two separate occasions.

    The first was around midnight (4 years ago). There were a total of 3 of us on the property. We were there late working on a bridge that goes over top of the old kiddie pool. We needed additional light, so I went down to the pump house (a building that has all of the original pumps, sand tanks, etc for the pool property that our haunt is located on), ~100 ft away to get some more work lights. While in the building getting the worklight, the exterior door *slammed* shut. I had just assumed the other two guys were screwing around trying to spook me. I went back out where they were working, hooked up the lights and said "ha ha.. real funny guys". They looked at me like I had a third eye. I explained what had happened and they both to this day swear they weren't screwing around.

    The second was just a few nights later from the first. It was just myself and one other guy, ~2:30 in the morning (we work far better at night...). Keep in mind, we're in the middle of a county park, so there isn't any traffic noise, music, etc. There was certainly not anyone else on the property and I'd be surprised if there was anyone within a half mile radius of the house. We stopped to take a break, just standing on the bridge BS'ing about how we were going to finish it. It's silent with the exception of some leaves in the wind and crickets. Then, a noise that I can only describe as a manhole cover being drug across concrete, coming from the direction of the pump house. We both turned and looked at each other and without saying a word, walked off the bridge, up to the gate, locked the gate and said "see you tomorrow". We both knew what we heard and we both knew there wasn't anyone else on the property (it's entirely fenced).

    Neither of us believe in any of the haunting stuff, but that particular incident still has us both creeped out to this day.
    -Brandon Kelm
    Operations Manager & Technical Director


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    Aug 2003
    Ogden, UT
    Quote Originally Posted by drfrightner View Post
    Has anyone ever experienced a real ghost in their haunted attraction? Ever seen something weird in the haunted house? A real ghost anything?

    Yes and all year long. Things just seem more strong during, Aug to Dec.
    "Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected?"

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    I was warned not to buy this house 20 years ago because it was "Haunted". Several elderly people in town told me this.
    One of the first strange things to happen here were the wine cellar lights. I could not keep them turned "Off"!
    This was after all new wires, switches, everything. I found out a few years later that a woman who had lived here for 40 years had the same problem. Except she had the old wiring still here!?
    For many years I left a small light always "On" in that room and the problem went away.
    One night I heard the south door open and close coming into the old kitchen, I was in the living room, next to the kitchen, I proceeded to hear footsteps coming towards me across the hardwood kitchen floor, I saw and heard the door open into the front room through a sheer curtain I had hanging next to the door, I saw someone enter the room through that sheer curtain, I then heard them walking behind a pile of furniture I had arranged so as to create a room divider, so as I am standing infront of my television, the only source of light on in the room I am anticipating who this is going to be? Andrew? Matt? Heather? Anne? Bob?, Troy?
    It could have been any one of a number of friends or relatives stopping in to say, "Hi." ?
    I can very quickly and easily describe what stepped around the last sheer curtain, it was simply a pair of black jeans with no feet and no upper body, it took one-step, two-steps and vanished into nothingness right there about seven feet away from me!
    So there I am standing all alone in this spooky old inn, located at the end of a dead-end street, no close neighbors, cliff and woods on one side of the house , the city graveyard to my west on the next hill 300 feet away, 6,400 of our dead sleeping there, it's 10:30 on a cold, lonely winter night, quiet little town, and I say, "O...... K?"
    When I told a psychic about this he said "It was The Lady-
    "In black jeans?"
    "She wears black leotards under her white dress!"
    (He could be pretty quick)
    Since then some interesting pictures have been taken by numerous people, some very recently. One had a definate human face in a green mist taken in the wine cellar in the dark, we couldn't see the blob of mist when she took the picture.
    Another young man took a picture of what looks like a shadow of a snake floating about two feet above the floor, it was at his feet when he took the picture, he saw it through the camera lense and with his naked eye just before he snapped it.
    Last November we heard a woman singing in the wine celar at 1:55AM!?
    the lights in the wine cellar were all "On", three of us heard it very plainly, very real!
    I usually tell about these things using alot of humor so I don't scare people, but the incidents are true and they have happened to quite a number of different people ever since at least 1925.
    Lately I began wondering if the wine cellar was ever used as a morgue?
    Such structures had many uses , I know that this was done 25 miles away from here in the winter when the ground was too frozen to dig a grave.
    Last edited by Jim Warfield; 11-22-2007 at 11:54 AM.

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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    We had several strange experiences in our building. From tapping on a backside wall. To where it sounded like someone was kicking the hell out of the backdoor. And I raised up and hit my head on a metal pipe in the backroom of mixing room. Our building used to be an old concrete companys building. One of the employee's of the cement company was in a bad wreck and burnt up in one of there trucks. And the creepy thing was the thing was in front of the building when we first rented it. It was all twisted and torn up and you could tell it had been on fire. I asked them to quickly remove that. It was just a little too real! I was draining sodas down a drain. And it scared the hell out of me! Ah there were shadows or a dark figure seen by more than one person who helped with the haunt. Alot of other loud banging or strange noises reported by an actor who was left to help build one night when we were closed. Things seemed to be misplaced alot or moved? Might of been my forgetfullness. HA! Getting old! Nah but it did seem to happen alot. Larry I heard the old Darkness in the old Welsch baby carriage factory was haunted. Some of your actors said strange things happened. Can you tell us anything about some of the things they or even you may experienced.
    Damon Carson

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