You know you’re never going to get a response! Talked to a couple from Holland at Transworld that had a stack of copies of message sent that were not responded too.

About that lady secretary who was blamed. She actually did a good job, got herself eventually in trouble for No fault of her own helping customers. They’ve had some caring good people work for them along with horrible ones.

Just today finished tightening six set Allen screws that were way loose on three props. This after taking a whole to day to repair one because of those screws being loose! It was a major task! I missed checking them from the factory. I could go on about these particular props…………many other issues including blame not getting what I ordered and paid for.

If, SF was not at Transworld in time someone would take their place. As long as the entire well known ARTISTS are allowed to show up, after paying their space FEE, this is what WE WILL GET. Point is someone needs to blame themselves. Was it worth it in the end? Sorry, but it seems we the customers are not being protected at the show.