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Thread: Jay Juneau - Juneau Studio Problem....

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    Thank you, Bobby.

    The only purpose of this thread is to get his attention and get the matter taken care of.
    @Kevin, im not sure why you would say that, if i could drive down the road, pick up a phone, or email him to get ahold of him, then i would. But this is my only other option and believe me, i don't like sitting here and doing this.

    Quote Originally Posted by screamforadream View Post
    Jay, this in no fashion makes Jared look bad or unprofessional. It's beyond easy to PayPal someone, or send a money order to his shop, which (correct me if I'm wrong) is actually listed on Yellow Pages and even his website. If someone goes above and beyond to do something nice for you last minute, and all you do is talk without physical action, it's an embarrassment on your end.

    I ordered from Jay in the past, but ONLY on eBay because I've heard plenty of nightmares, and although there was an unreasonable delay in getting me my "in-stock and ready to ship" item, (it took what, 8 weeks?). And when there was a few issues you made sure to call me and assist me through them. Which I appreciate. But I know for a fact you'll never receive a penny from me again after the way you acted. Especially on a public forum.

    Jarred, is young. As am I, (21), and you have no idea what kind of additional struggles hard working younger people like me and Jarred have to go through because of our age in this industry. We have to fight constantly to prove ourselves because so many other and "more experienced" vendors constantly screw people and make everyone feel uneasy placing orders, even more so on new vendors. And Jarred does some great work, I've seen it many a times and if I was a mask guy, I'd own plenty of his products, but I just am just an old school make up kinda guy. That may change in coming years though.

    Regardless, this is 2013, sending money has never been easier to do and if you don't have the time to take immediate phone calls or reply to emails regularly, the least you could do is just send him the stupid money. It really isn't that hard of a concept. I hope you change your ways, and learn not to fight a kid on a public forum over something that was your fault from the start. Jarred's only mistake is having faith in someone, which he clearly learned the hard way how you just can't do that with anyone anymore...no money, no product, no matter what the sotuation is.

    Good luck earning mine or anyone's respect back.

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    Aug 2003
    I understand why you opted to post this on a forum.
    but you are a vendor, and having this out on a forum really is very unsavory
    The whole scenario is just very unprofessional.
    You not as much.
    But this back forth is just very amateurish.
    I know if I was a buyer I wouldn't likely buy from anyone that engages in such behavior online.

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    Apr 2012
    I have bought a lot of stuff from juneau studios. Have I had any problems? A little. But every time I had any problems he went out of his way to make it right. Matter of a fact after this was posted I ordered a Sonia control board. He built it from scratch and had it to me in one week.
    One thing I have learned in this biz quick is you can't dwell on every dollar lost. I have already got ripped off and this is my second year(it was close to five figures). How many people have gotten crappy props sent to them that either broke or better yet never came at all? I have heard of Scarefactory ripping people for more then 50k in bad props or nothing ever comes. Not saying its alright to rip people off but sometimes it's better to laugh and say stupid me, then dwell on something that will still have the same result.
    I will buy from him in the future sorry you had problems.

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    St. Louis, MO
    Hey Russ... if you search these forums you'll find lots of posts talked about this company you are having problems with. See here is another one.


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    Aug 2014
    Wow, new to the forums here. New in the Haunt industry (kind of)... and all I can say is wow. The level of immaturity and shameful behavior between some folks in this thread is pathetic.

    For starters. grow up. Secondly, learn some grammar. I'm glad I read across this thread, and a few others like it. I now know who I will be avoiding in my search for good vendors.

    Thanks for that.

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