Hello all! If you haven't heard the news, FrightMaresOmaha was to open this season as a professional walkthrough haunt, and our investors pulled out leaving us hanging. This was to be a fund-raiser for our local Humane Society, but now we need to sell everything to pay back the bank. Over $20,000 in brand new merchandise bought at TransWorld’s Halloween & Attraction tradeshow. Most items are still in boxes, some never unpacked. Vendors we bought from: FrightProps, Scare Products, Zagone Studios, Froggy’s Fog, Haunted Enterprises and many more.

I know this is the worst time to sell haunt items, but we have no other choice. You're sure to get some GREAT deals. Thanks for everyones help for the past couple years. Maybe some day soon we can be back again.

For a complete list of items, visit www.auctionsolutionsinc.com Live On-Site auction with online bidding.

Auction date and location:
Friday September 13th 2013 10:00 AM CDT
7803 Military Ave, Omaha Nebraska

Please feel free to email me personally at bbttff@cox.net if you have any specific questions regarding items up for auction.

Happy Haunting
Bradley T.