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Thread: Groupon Yeah or Nay ... Pros and Cons

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    Nov 2003
    I just going to say all markets are different so now larry I'm going to school you here is why i do Groupon ( where is my drum roll ).

    I'm in Philadelphia these deal site draw NEW bizz from upstate New York down into Washington DC , now i'm not going to sit hear and run the numbers for you on how much it would cost me to do marketing in this wide of an area. So the short and the sweet of it is doing these deals are bringing me tons more bizz every year that I wouldn't get or reach otherwise. Once I have these people I sell them on upgrades and merch, and they are happy as clams and thats after driving 3 hours.

    I know my numbers and i'm happy with what i'm doing. I'm not going out of bizz anytime soon.

    And if i'm going to spend $150,000 in ad's or give away $150,000 to people in discounts , i'd rather give it to the people.

    Thats just me, and thats my i own my haunt and you own your and we aren't partners :-)

    Robert Dudzieck
    Fright Factory
    Philadelphia PA

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    Hey to each their own and I've said that a 100%. You are correct your market is different by a long shot... you have more competition than any other market in America and yes that includes Detroit. The difference between Philly and Detroit is the haunts in Philly are actually turning loose with marketing. Yes I agree its highly competitive there and marekting is very expensive there unlike say St Louis, Cleveland, and the list goes on. Maybe it makes more sense if you feel you are being drowned out by the overall amount of competition.

    I can still honestly say that even though your market is different if I opened a haunt there I would not be doing groupon all the same... I would be loading up on radio stations, pandora, web marketing, creating a top notch website, even marketing on YOUTUBE right over your comps videos (LOL) I would not do groupon. I would hire top notch video crew to make videos, blogs, and much more to promote my haunted house ... not saying you don't do those things I'm merely saying the money you are giving away could be put to a much better and more effective use. We will disagree but its your business and I've never said otherwise.

    FYI... you know I own the url www.frightfactory.com buying that URL would be worth the money you donate to groupon not that I'm offering to sell it but pointing out I've seen people on here before talk about URLS.

    They are worth a total investment and then getting traffic to them and building that brand is so valuable.

    We did groupon when it started as an experiment for Lemp our weakest haunt... I crunched the numbers, and FYI we got hardly NO traffic from their site.

    It doesn't work the way you think but again we'll agree to disagree.


    PS: Is Aven no longer part of your group. How is Aven doing?

  3. Default I'm Going to FRIGHTLAND in DELAWARE too !!!! 
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    Mar 2012
    no groupon deal YET, but with CRAZY JIM THERE, that place ROCKS !!!!!

  4. Default 2 more great deals on haunted house admissions !!!!! New !!!! 
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    Mar 2012
    Night of terror (6 attractions on a huge farm) mullica hill, nj. And devil's folly haunted barn, allentown, pa. Coupon deals on double take deals.com have fun !!!!!! (philadelphia, allentown pa areas)

  5. Default group on SUCKS - if you do it but a limit on ticket sales 
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    Jun 2011
    We did Groupon and Yes helps get the word out, but only use the first WEEK of the Haunt Season and limit the amount of tickets ... the only compliant we got the entire season were from some groupon clients.

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