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Thread: Fog Machine Question

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  1. Default Fog Machine Question 
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    Dec 2010
    Blacksburg, SC
    Do any of you guys use controllers to control fog machines? I wired in a picaboo controller to my fog machine controller and everything worked great for about 5 minutes and then burned up both of my fog machines. haha So, now I'm afraid to do it again because I dont want to burn up any more because they aren't the cheapest things to keep buying. Does anybody have good luck doing this?

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    Mar 2010
    I NEVER do that! And don't really find it to be a good idea.

    For generic scene setting foggers, just use the cheesy fog timers. Otherwise grab a volunteer and tell them when to push he button, wireless or wired.

  3. Default Controlling a fog machine from a PicoBoo 
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    Mar 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    Oh no! Sorry to hear this. The PicoBoo only acts as a switch touching the two wires together. It does not send voltage to the device or anything like that.

    Here is our tech doc on controlling a fog machine from a PicoBoo

    If your manual remote looks different or you can't find where to hook into the button:

    If you have a multimeter (or continuity tester) put it into continuity test mode. When the two leads are touched together it will beep.

    Remove power from the fog machine and touch one lead to one of the wires on the fog machine's manual push button and the other to another wire. Push the button in. If you hear a beep then you have found the two wires you need to tap into. If you do not hear a beep then move the leads to different set of wires and try again. Once you have the two wires identified solder to them and install one into "C" and the other into "N/O" on the PicoBoo controller. Program the PicoBoo to activate the fog machine.

    If you do not have a continuity tester maybe send me a picture of the underside of the button where the wires are and I can see if I can figure out the wires.


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