So as I am getting ready for this year and putting together my first ghoul school class for in the morning, I am sitting here pondering and going through the forums reading a lot of great advice on queue line actors. I think back to our first year so long ago...about 11 months ago. And I had primarily 3 que line actors and only 1 of them actually did the job I wanted. One who I though at first would be able to interact well turned out to be a total dud, and the 2nd was just interested in checking out not sure what. The third did an awsome job dressed as Freddy and really scared the crap out of some people and intereacted with them very well.

So since I have none of those people back this year, unfortunately the one that was good due to military obligations wont be back, I have really kept my eyes open this year as to finding good replacements for the queue line.

But I am really curious as to what others do to find the guys and gals that can stand out to them as those individuals that can hold their own in a crowd.

Thanks for the input.

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