Hi all,

In about two years from this Halloween (2013) we expect to put on our own haunted house trio of terror event called Hallow Screams which will be located on our farm once we get it next summer, 2014, here outside Indianapolis, IN area. We are planning 4 haunted houses: Featuring Hallow 3D: Revenge of the Clowns, a totally IN-YOUR-FACE evil clown haunt unlike anyone has done before, The Farmhouse Of Nightmares brings a mind bending array of terror that you will not soon forget with scenes that will blow your mind and the Corn Creatures Maize Of Madness reinvents the corn haunt bringing you into a nightmare so detailed and so real, you will feel like your in a living horror movie and a not so scary kids haunt called Spooky: An unhaunted house just for kids which will be included in the admnission price. You get 4 haunts for one low price and will run for a 12 night tour you will not soon forget.

Coming 12 nights in 2015:

Friday and Saturday nights only -

Sept 25th/26th
October 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31.

Hours may vary but as of this writing will be 7pm until the last guest is gutted (or 11PM, whatever comes first). Ticket prices are not yet available and will be posted as we get closer to opening night. Group discounts are available for those who bring 20 or more friends at one time. Tickets will go on presale 60 days before opening night on Sept 25th, 2015. Email hallowscreamsentertainment@yahoo.com for more details and to be placed on our mailing list with updated news and special offers. We do NOT sell our mailing lists. You can visit our new Facebook page at:


If we get 15,000 friends by the time we open in late Sept, 2015 we will be offering a special 2 for 1 admission deal to everyone on our facebook page! We will be getting our web site up and running this november, 2013 and will be adding a new youtube channel to this lineup as well so you can watch our behind the scenes segments. So please watch for more details on our facebook page as they become available...

If you have questions drop us a line here or to our email box.

Thanks and have a safe and great Halloween 2013 season!

Will Zettler
Hallow Screams Haunted Farm
Indianapolis, IN