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Thread: Biggest Haunt Pet Peeve

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    Jul 2012
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    My haunt pet peeve is when someone screams or yells while putting their mouth directly next to my ear! Sure, its shocking, but it can also cause permanent hearing loss! My hearing is tied directly to my career. in a haunt you can jump at me, bump me, mist me, fog me, slime me, strobe me, air blast me, shock me, and mock me all you like... But shout directly into my ear at your own peril.

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    Nov 2009
    Valley AL
    Oh where to start?
    White tennis shoes. If your some dead creature or killer roaming the woods why are you wearing TENNIS SHOES THAT LOOK LIKE THEY CAME RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The words BOO Um get out does not bother me if it fits in but if your character wants to kill them and make them into sausage or something why are you telling them to get out?
    Drunks for the love of pete if you can barely walk how do you think your going to get through a haunted trail.
    Bottle necks that incapacitate flow and create super groups. When your not a character set for startle you almost feel like you need to be doing a song and dance by the end of that group.
    Black robes FOR EVERYONE!!!!! why why why? put some variety in.

    FAKE BLOOD IS NOT A MAKEUP JOB!!!! nothing annoys me more than someone with just fake blood with nothing else. no wounds, no dirt, nothing but fake blood. I get annoyed by trick or treaters like that too I refuse to give them candy unless they entertain me.
    Random use of Horror movie characters, I mean if you have to use these characters please put them in a set or surrounding that makes sense not just randomly appearing.
    Actors who do not even try. Look I understand sometimes you get caught out of spot but when your all set and you come out with the same energy as the cartoon droopy the dog, you're not going to scare anyone unless you're their post man.
    And Finally my #1 pet peeve haunts that never change anything. If you do not try or strive to be better then why should I waste my time and money coming back.
    Proud to be able to work at

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    Jul 2013
    For sure everyone in the haunt being the same character, main example all little kids or all demons. Also, the lines "lets play" "Stay and play" "Wanna play a game"..... and then NOTHING to follow through with that. Actors showing up in street clothes as their costumes. Clowns with pointed chins and tripp pants/ jumpsuits. Anyone who wears anything from hot topic without altering it. Wearing costumes that do not fit the scenes, why would a nurse be in the jungle..... Actors copying other actors, stealing characters.

  4. Default Road Blocks. 
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    Oct 2013
    Marshalltown, Iowa
    I can't stand actors who don't know the difference between getting uncomfortably close and being an obtrusive road block.

    Standing in the middle of the hall with that I'm-gonna-do-unmentionable-thing-to-you gleam in your eye and then leaning in close as I go around you? Great! Keep up the good work!

    Repeatedly stepping in front of me and bodily preventing me from passing like you're a bouncer trying to keep me from entering a club?
    Not scary. Not creepy. Just realllly ticking me off.

  5. Default Biggest Pet Peeve! 
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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    Definitely has to be has to be bad makeup! And haunts that don't have a real or any makeup artists!?! You kidding me! At least give your actors some training session on how to apply makeup and look good! And the actors that think pouring perma blood all over them. And as was mentioned above in an earlier post! Where the hell is this and did this blood come from?! No apparent wounds. Oh you just took it from your victoms I guess huh? Well learn to splatter the shit or something! Because it just doesn't run down your face like that if you kill someone! Opps I sound like im talking from experience! ha! No really get a good makeup artist and maybe an assistant! Have them give a general makeup course for the actors that don't need as much makeup and there. You've improved your haunt by 60% or more. Bad makeup really can bring a show down from the very start!
    Damon Carson

  6. Default Real Scare='s No Make-up! 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Do actually scary types of people wear make up? A psycho-cross-dressing killer may? Some may wish I was wearing make up , trading that "look" for my natural 65 year old wrinkled ugliness! No Mask HERE!
    I MUST be one crazy S.O.B. to have a haunted house open almost every night of the year for 27 years! (Do I know satan as a personal friend and Buddy? No.)
    Some get very carried away by any of this and trully fearful. Maybe it's my "Acting"? "Storytelling?"
    Having a Haunted, haunted house?
    Do I have any major complaints concerning my haunt workers? Well.....I have learned to not worry so much because my idea of "perfection" or storyline never seems to begin to happen if more than one other person is involved.
    Yes, I have had some very good, talented people here and some very maddening ones too.
    Some tried, many didn't know or try, all mere human, common failings as decreed by others who also might not really have a clue.

    When a customer of 7-8 visits is hired and shows up in a movie monster costume and assumes this is what I want or need here, then suddenly becomes a Prima dona more concerned about posing in the parking lot getting his picture taken than actually working in the house....aren't "people" something?
    Others ARe the most frustraiting things . Give me a piece of wood, steel, some hand tools and tomorrow what I did to those materials will still look as I had influenced them.. not always so with people, they change their mind, assume whatever they decide to do will be "peachy" or correct even though you are paying them to do what you want them to do instead!?
    I would be much further ahead if I just hired the Nursing Home to wheel down a load of 95 yr. olds , park them in certain house locations, it would be definately wierd and spooky, no make up needed, no mid-tour character changes and no "He-Said, She-Said" Bullchitt!
    They would all be too tired to talk and too deaf to hear it!
    I'm calling the "Home" tomorrow and I'm not "E.T.!"
    My first two emplyees were the best in some ways, old guys that a number of local people, mostly female, were actually afraid of! (For no actual real reason) Harmless idiots really. No make up needed no Voice lessons (scary already)
    So it goes...........

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