The sets are almost done and we have some great scenes built. Found some great deals on props through various auctions so really happy about that stuff. But aside from the work on the haunt, getting the word out is always the hardest part. This year so far has been great!

My actor roster is now full (I was worried about having enough talent but now I have more than enough). The local Chamber of Commerce has invited us to bring characters to their next luncheon and hang out awhile as part of our marketing efforts! We have a great booth at the local Farm Days Festival in early October. The newspaper is running an article on us again. The local restaurant is not only passing out flyers but setting up meetings with other business owners to help promote the haunt. AND we have a major new sponsor that has reached out to us (it doesn't get much better than this).

Patience and diligence is what it takes, and getting involved in the community! Businesses helping out businesses! Thats what its all about!