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Thread: Actor as a patron?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drfrightner View Post
    Yes this has been done by many haunted houses... you can't really do that in high traffic haunts on the inside of the haunt however you could do it outside in the que line. For example a group is waiting in line like everyone else for 30 minutes then you put on some skit and boom a customer is killed, eaten or whatever... if you do tour driven haunts its a no brainer to have plants.

    Just make sure the guests have already bought their tickets. Otherwise you could potentially lose a few if the didn't like seeing it.


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    We did this one night about 8 years ago at our haunt. Some groups were very scared and freaked out while some groups figured it out. It was fun, but labor intensive and really not worth the trouble. The customer complaints were pretty intense.

    That year we had a volunteer group each night to supplement our acting staff. One night it was a sorority house with 7 college girls (19 Ė 21 year olds). We had been wanting to try this, but didnít want to give up a good actor. So we decided to try it with this group of young girls. A girl would approach our starter at the front of the cue line and ask where her friends were. The starter would tell her the group already gone in. She would say she was in the bathroom and complain that she didnít want to go through alone. The starter would ask the next group if she could go through with them. Of course the groups always said yes and so our victim would introduce herself to the group and then enter with them.

    About 12 scenes into the haunt; two of our clowns would grab her and drag her kicking and screaming away from the group. Then she would go back to the entrance and wait her turn to approach the starter for the next group.

    Some of the extreme reactions; people would try to rescue her from the clowns and get very upset. Even had a woman call 911 to report the kidnapping. One guy became very attached to the girl in his group and he stood there in the scene crying. Some people complained at the end that a person in their group had been touched and taken away. Some people would scream and run away and some people just kept going through the haunt without concern about her safety.

    You couldnít insert someone with every group, we had to wait at least about 5 or 6 groups and we tried to pick a group that looked the most susceptible. We had a DJ next to the cue line to keep people entertained and distracted so groups further back in line werenít aware we were inserting anyone. We never put her in with a family with children.

    At the end of the night we decided not to do this again. The scares were pretty good, but the customer complaints and negative comments outweighed them.

    Kelly Collins
    The ScareAtorium

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightmareAftershockLLC View Post
    This is silly. For the brief .5 seconds of the body's natural reaction to seeing this and believing it's real, right afterwards your mind would realign your thinking to realize this is all just a gimmick.

    Sorry, cheesy, corny, ineffective past the initial reaction, and as Badger said? Too much liability and hassle for what is in my opinion a dull thrill.

    10 years ago? Maybe.
    "Dull Thrills?" Kind of ...contradictory? (Sort of a "White" Black?)
    To have a lot of things going on, to look at ,think about, adds up to entertaining people, usually.
    I have asked for a volunteer or taken a volunteer (HA!ha!) and then simply set them up to scare their girlfriend, boyfriend, Mother, half of the people in the room!
    The one doing the scaring usually loves this and will return with more paying cutomers to get another chance at this.
    The same thing can work extremely well when trying to keep a family together once they enter the house, because a shared family experience will reinforce those strange memories and they will be "advertising" for you possibly for the rest of their lives!
    The kids that have returned as teenagers , then adults, then bringing their kids here is always very gratifying to us. You Really know for sure, 100% that you did something very right for them.
    Of course WE also get quite a "Charge" seeing a 3 yr. old push a button that scares the rest of their entire Family too!

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