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Thread: Green laser vortex for sale!

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    PM sent david

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    found a backup stash of units when packing up for the season! I have 8 more units available. Payment through payal. $ 70.00 and that includes shipping!

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    Aug 2012
    how big of a area do you need for this?

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    Depends on the fog u have

  5. Default problem with Ebay account?? 
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    Oct 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Garrand View Post
    last 3 vortex. I want them gone! message me here or bid on the ebay page!

    Thank youQ
    Hi Aaron.

    I just went to your Ebay page. Tried the $60 amount you mentioned above as an Offer because it lists as $75... it was rejected. I'll pay $60 total including shipping. Let me know if you want to do the transaction.

    -Bill/Dr. TerrorEyes

    FYI, Garage of Evil shows how to make under $30 with 5 mw green laser:

    Parts list:

    (1) 5mw green laser module $22 with shipping (approx)
    Note: there are similar modules out there at about the same price. Not all are same! Some in fact, suck quite a bit. These guys have the good stuff, and ship super fast.

    (2) D cell battery holders ($1.75 per)

    (1) Double pole, double throw knife switch

    (1) Dental mirror ($1.00)

    (1) Heat Sink ($1.20)

    (1) Dime ($0.10)

    (1) 3Vdc motor ($3.50)

    (1) 10ohm 10Watt resistor ($2.00)

    (1) Roll Super Duty Scotch Exterior mounting tape ($5.00) < - this stuff is great, my new favorite product
    Home Depot

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    still a few left!

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    Black friday blowout! Last 3 units $50.00 EACH SHIPPED!!!!!

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    Did you get my paypal payment? David Miller

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    Yes David I did! Thank you! your units ship tomorrow!


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