I bought a juneau studios zombie gumball machine for this year as an advertising piece, and since were about to open I really don't need it anymore and it's already paid for itself (they attract people like freakin flies to a light).

It's still in pretty good condition, part of its arm suffered a mild injury due to two kids fighting over a gumball lol but it isn't noticeable and I drape him in cheesecloth and decorate him up so it's not hard to hide.

I'm in CT and asking only $500 plus shipping and I'll make sure it comes full of the eyeball gumballs for you (aka free money lol). If you're two or three hours away I can even drive it to you for free in exchange for a tour of your place :P

Shoot me an email or just call/text me (203)988-2440 I'm at the haunt all day and if I don't answer immediately I'll he to you as soon as there's nothing heavy in my hands