Hi everyone! This is my first post here, so sorry if itís a silly questions.

Iím starting scare acting this Thursday. In previous years, I have always played one character, and it worked really well for me, but it was not a speaking role.
I am now being asked to alternate between my current character, and a new one that has speaking parts.

Iím hoping to get some information on what type of things I could say/do.

Information on the role:

The haunt I am at has a coffin ride. I will be running said ride. It is set in a funeral parlor, and I am playing the role of the dead funeral director. Basically I have to greet people, take their money, load people into the ride, and operate the ride. I have to do all this, while keeping in character as a funeral director (i have to have dialogue with friends/family while the person is in the ride). Other than things such as ďsorry for your lossĒ, what are some things I could say/do to be authentic sounding, and creepy? Suggestions?