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Thread: Several props at end of season

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  1. Default Corpselator & Floating Reaper 
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    Mar 2009
    Just a teaser to get you thinking about what to do with all that cash you are raking in. At end of season I was going to be putting several props up for sale. Want to change the look a lot. Will have Distortions Gargoyle Shock, Distortions Frankenshock, Distortions burning man barrel (new), Scarefactory Corpselator, Scarefactory Flying Reaper, Poison Drop Portrait, Poison Torso Drop Reacher new, Dark Raven slithering snake (??? proper name) Poison 3 head dropper. Night Frights Ghost Bust & Scary Mary Mirrior. All have sound. No pictures now. All in good working condition. Will describe better and pics later at end of season.

    Generally selling for 2/3 of new price which I will list later. Some a little higher...some a little lower. Gargoyle Shock, Frankenshock, are just to cool to just sell any cheaper. BUT these two MUST be postioned right and used right for best effect. Moving Gargoyle Shock 8 feet away from people...it is fair. Place it 5 feet away from people....just that simple 3 feet differnce turns it into the thing people jump backwards from. We modified boots of Frankenshock which makes actor a track star when he wants to be!!

    Now my new Poison Dropping Clown Flailer...well that thing aint for sale just too damn cool! Call Adam and get your own! It will be a few years before I offer that baby up. So jump on these prop makers websites and give em a look. My Distortions Shock props I have had for a few years...even swapped them with other haunts as a one year trade...but it is time for em to go even though I love them.

    ***I believe Poison Props & Gore Galore would approve of this public service announcement.....as they have new props I have my eye on! Play with my used toys taken care of by a farmer so i can buy new ones.

    Wicked Farmer
    Last edited by wickedfarmer; 02-11-2014 at 04:05 PM. Reason: many items sold

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