My camera is really crappy today. Been a while since I used it and apparently its got issues. All foggy and blurry. But I promise you, that this thing is like new, mint condition. I used it in the haunt, but it didn't get played with.

The hair with their models kinda comes off easily, i ordered a few of these heads and they were all the same. So when I got done with it I put them in their plastic bags.

This is the only one I got left.

I paid $125 + shipping.

Asking $75 + shipping. OR! IF you'd like to trade some Casting Latex, Modelling Clay, or Ultracal 30, I'd be willing to trade. I'm getting back into my prop making but starting from scratch again.

Msg me here or email at hauntedparagould AT yahoo.com.

Thanks for looking.