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Thread: What is up with......

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  1. Default What is up with...... 
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    Jan 2008
    Lock Haven PA
    What is up with all this X-rated, bondage crap in a haunted attraction? I know there are a lot of people into this type of thing, but should we really make it that public? Is this where we are headed? Don't get me wrong, I know there are a lot of threads and comments about the "Naked and Afraid" tour. But I just got another one that is 18 years and older in PA (where my haunt is) and people are making mixed comments about attractions when visiting ours. I am not thinking this is the way to go. My point is, there is more than 1 out there doing it, just flying under the radar of most. I think we need to switch gears here and go in a more positive direction on "scares" vs "sex" sells.

    Not bashing anyone, respect both haunts and owners. I see this being done at other places, but come on people, entertain yourself in the bedroom with sex, not in an attraction. Just my 2 cents since I am in this same state. I know there is a lot of competition here. I am no where near as large as you guys, but I want our industry to be know for entertainment not sextainment!

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    Mar 2010
    I agree with you completely.

    But......I know you thought my booty looked good up on that ladder in the bungee room....

    Seriously though, this is why none of my attractions mimic anything from the movies or feature anything sexual. I want creative and unique scares. Yes, we may have a birthing scene with an air cannon between a lady's legs but you don't see anything other than a creepy baby when the sheets fly up lol. I don't think haunted attractions should have scenes based off movies or television. We get good reviews without taking on someone else's ideas, and I wish more haunts took that approach, if we separate ourselves from the movie industry we can get the public to not constantly compare us to movies. Movies use sex and dramas, customers compare haunts to movies, haunt owners go for sex and drama and crazy scenes to go head to head with those movies, and the cycle continues.

    But a haunted attraction with unique monsters, original actors and cool fx can and will be successful and provide an amazing entertainment quality without all the extra crap.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Default Let's be leaders and not followers 
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    Mar 2011
    Raleigh, NC
    I agree Bobby, but I would add theme to that list. Have a great theme and storyline to go with it, and maybe the movie makers will start following us instead of us following them?
    Travis "Big T" Russell
    Big T Productions Inc

    Owner and Operator of "The Plague" and "Camp Nightmare"

    Customer Quote of the year: "Damn, I pissed myself"

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    Sep 2010
    The haunts I've been to that have scantily clad girls aren't trying to play up the sex factor, I think it enforces they are more vulnerable and being tortured. A fully clothed torture victim vs one who is in small shorts and a tank top/bra. What seems more realistic? Those scense always seem to be more bloody than most and include a hefty amount of screaming.

    I think a great man once said (paraphrased), 'that once your mind starts thinking about sex, you stop being scared'. So I don't think the haunts that do this are really trying to go for sexy.

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