What is up with all this X-rated, bondage crap in a haunted attraction? I know there are a lot of people into this type of thing, but should we really make it that public? Is this where we are headed? Don't get me wrong, I know there are a lot of threads and comments about the "Naked and Afraid" tour. But I just got another one that is 18 years and older in PA (where my haunt is) and people are making mixed comments about attractions when visiting ours. I am not thinking this is the way to go. My point is, there is more than 1 out there doing it, just flying under the radar of most. I think we need to switch gears here and go in a more positive direction on "scares" vs "sex" sells.

Not bashing anyone, respect both haunts and owners. I see this being done at other places, but come on people, entertain yourself in the bedroom with sex, not in an attraction. Just my 2 cents since I am in this same state. I know there is a lot of competition here. I am no where near as large as you guys, but I want our industry to be know for entertainment not sextainment!