Hey Guys, I'm beginning to work on a portable haunted attraction for fairs/events/etc to use as a promo attraction for our real haunt...well all three of them lol. If anyone of you guys have a 1 trailer haunt you'd like to sell, or know of someone who is selling one, please let me know. I'll be making a final decision at the end of this season as to whether to buy a used one, or fabricate one, but would like to get the options out there now, so come November 2nd I can write a check and start pimping the thing out! Please include photos, asking price, and location in your replies. I am located in CT, but am willing to travel and/or ship, I've bought attractions out of Colorado, Massachusettes, and Texas, so shipping nationwide isn't a concern if the price is right. Thanks!

And yes, I've already made contacts with amusement companies and am finalizing contracts with them to be included as one of their attractions, so I already have an in on about 5 local fairs for the weekends leading up to haunt season, now tell me this isn't a halfway decent way to market the permanent haunt complex?? Fingers crossed it pays off, I'll let everyone know come this time next year lol.