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Thread: Google Analytics / Mobile Tracking

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  1. Default Google Analytics / Mobile Tracking 
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    Aug 2003
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    Couple things ... when you are trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work you need good analytics. I'm going to inform you of a couple things I've learned recently.

    1) Google doesn't really work at all... you can't depend on that you need web server stats first and foremost. I wanted to throw that out there because I remember a magazine article where someone wrote you have to use this service... they are wrong. They dont' have a clue what they are talking about. The way this service works it can't accurately track your traffic and all the pages on your site. Its a free program. Its something but not accurate.

    2) I've come to discover this interesting tidbit... you'll see as a top refer as unknown that is because of mobile devices don't have a cookie so they can't tell your server stats how you came to get that traffic. So if you work with say pandora or advertise in a mobile way or someone views a link to your site and clicks on it and ends up on your website via mobile device its very unlikely you'll see that traffic source. One of my biggest sources of traffic is UNKNOWN!

    This is mobile and it might take the tech word to catch up on how to monitor such traffic which sucks big time so to some point you are at the mercy of getting traffic reports from the site that sold it to you. I'm learning and passing along.

    I do suggest however you get good server stats installed so you can check traffic sources.

    Right now Google is the best but Hauntworld.com is second best. Yahoo is 3rd, Bing is 4th and Facebook is 10th. Its possible you might get a bit more traffic from facebook but if the majority of that traffic is mobile you might not see it.


  2. Default Its about the meta data 
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    So I'll take off my haunt hat and put on my daytime professional job hat. Larry you are right that Mobile does not currently have the ability to support tracking by Google, to anyone else for that matter. It has to do with how your service provider shares meta data (sorry - technical jargon here) gets passed on to Google (it doesn't usually). There is a bunch of work underway however to solve this problem. It creates a new revenue opportunity for mobile providers, so when your mobile provider asks if you mind them sharing certain things about your behaviors, such as location, opt-in and this stuff will soon start working. Opt-out and you are telling them you don't want any of your meta data shared, and therefore nothing will work.

    FYI - my daytime job is showing the worlds mobile providers how to do this stuff.
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