Hey guys. After some unforseen hellacious luck last year, I'm not able to run a haunt this year. But to get back on my feet and to start small again (mobile haunt), I am trying to get back up on my feet. I'm doing this by learning to make Masks and do some props.

Are people still int he market of buying good severed arms, legs and heads? I'm wanting to produce a head line of zombies and head trauma victims. Some less gore and more realistic, some very, very bad ones lol. I can't go into detail on what I have in mind, but, I can say that for the cost of some of the foam filled latex and self skinning foam models I see on sites, I can add some really cool.. um. features (stuff I haven't seen done before)

Do you guys think it would be worth it to start with heads and severed limbs? Or should I jump right on in to masks? I have lots of material coming in to get started and just want to get ideas of what I should get started on first, and what you guys think your actors / haunts need.

I'm not wanting to cut any business' throats, not at all. But on some of my stuff I want to offer a few things at some more affordable pricing. Maybe "used" pricing due to my sculpting etc isn't up to par with such as GG and CompositeFX etc.

So, I guess, tell me what you guys would like to see me attempt to make, latex chest pieces, costume pieces, masks etc. I will be attempting some silicone masks, but I will probably design some cool stuff that features hiding the lips. I understand to do it right like CFX, I must use a plug and inject the silicone, well I don't have that knowledge and capability yet, but have seen others brush molds and come out great!

Thanks guys.