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We had this problem this year and I told my PR FIRM we are done... if some blogger or whatever wants to come through and or especially high school newspapers they are bringing like 6 people why? I told my PR FIRM if we want to approve someone its one person that person and no one else. Period. The cost of one ticket isn't that much if their story generates even 10 customers... so its worth it but you just never know when you are being taken advantage of so make a rule that one person only and that weeds out the fakes.

That's actually a pretty good policy. Most places we visit usually only provide us with two tickets since we both write up reviews and publish them as widely as we possibly can. So, in that case it makes sense for more than one. Regardless, I would never dream of asking for more unless we're given them (some have offered more or asked how many we require) or have a specific need for them. Not say it couldn't happen in the future, but the reason for needing more than for the two of us in most cases would have to be justified (ie, having a camera operator or other such instance).