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Thread: Reviewers Bryan Cardonick and Carrie Hood... Kitsuniverse?

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    Nov 2008
    I don't work for them. So no bother. Additionally, feel free to contact me. Why are you all so god damned serious?! Holy smokes just trying to make peace here.

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    Oct 2013
    Thank You.

    Why am I so serious? Your attempting to discredit a blog which I have poured blood, sweat, tears and money into. Doing these things isn't free nor cheap and I've worked very hard to accomplish it, you would react the same way if the shoe was on the other foot.
    Your attacking me for defending myself in such a situation and by answering the questions you posed- proof of legitimacy. Which we supplied.

    Now, I'm leaving this thread before my Irish temper snaps, I loose my grip on being a professional and spew a string of words which would make a sailor blush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightmareAftershockLLC View Post
    Yikes? Because I posted a phone number? Jesus. I may swing by so that we can talk face to face. You need to see where I'm coming from
    And I'd love to meet face to face. Maybe I could even help you get a pro website up...?

    You're seeing this as malicious, when in reality I simply wanted more info??

    Very defensive.....
    No, I get that and even said that I understood that. I'm just saying this was a very, very poor way of going about it.

    That said, you did say the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by NightmareAftershockLLC
    Additionally, bragging about bashing Fright Nights, a company that has used Dark Rides, tells me that they aren't focussing on the positive of an attraction. Unfortunately this therefore makes free tickets pointless if any haunt is still in its growth stages and may not have a lot of positive amazing qualities yet....?
    If you were there the night we were, you wouldn't have found much good about it either. Even then, we still found some good things to say about it...but we're not going to say it was worth it if it wasn't and we both felt that way. The line at the customer relations booth at the end of the night was testimony to that too. We decided to skip it this year because of that as well. Also, that visit we paid full price to get in, just an FYI.

    Quote Originally Posted by NightmareAftershockLLC
    One more thing, maybe build a professional website instead of a little blog to truly display your professionalism and dedication to writing reviews....?
    We're a bit new as stated earlier, but again, it doesn't seem to bother nationally known events either so we haven't changed things just yet. Either way, I answered the reasoning behind that in my reply earlier. If you must know more, doing so during some of our busiest times would be foolish. Why not wait until a slower period to implement such changes? You wouldn't rebuild a haunt entirely mid season, would you?

    Sorry, but defending our position or use of things is to be expected when such things are said. I mean what did you think we'd do? Just ignore that?

    Again, I do get what your intentions were with this and understand the desire to find out things for the haunt in question. You just went about it entirely wrong. When I send an e-mail to someone, I don't expect everything in it to be broadcast publicly. No one does and while I understand that the owners may not be internet savvy, it's still not your place to post the whole communication with them as it was not sent to you originally. That's not professional behavior. As you've also admitted you don't even work for them, why would you post all that up thinking it was just fine knowing that? I'm sure that the owners of the haunt didn't know you were going to do that either.

    I don't think you're a bad person for doing it, just very misguided and I've never come across anyone doing such a thing to be quite honest (nor have others I've talked to about this during the course of this evening). You just wanted to help, I get that. However, some of your other comments earlier weren't exactly the best course of action either and if you didn't expect a reply to them then I don't know what to say.

    Thank you for taking down the information in question from the original post, as it was not meant to be broadcast to anyone other than the intended recipient. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that, but again, I've never had anyone actually do something like this before either.

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    Nov 2008
    Oh give me a break. You're leaving before you swear at a twice deployed veteran of 10 years? Hardly doubt you'd do anything but make yourself look foolish.

    Rather than make idle threats, why not call me, let's hash this out like men? I'd much rather clarify my stance and help you to understand how my intents were nothing but helpful intended and maybe we can put this behind us? Or shall you continue to threaten an "Irish temper" to a guy name Keegan....?

    Thanks for your understanding. Hoping to hear from you?

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    Nov 2008
    Additionally, all I wanted was a response from folks who have dealt with you!!! Something like :

    Yes, we loved them, great couple, wrote a great review, well worth it!


    No, terrible. Rude and ignorant, wouldn't waste my time.

    That's ALL I was looking for! Jeez o man!

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    Nov 2008
    Additionally, I feel your passion. I have 7,000 in equipment I use to do free work with photography and videography. That's why I think rather than feuding we could truly work together? I have turned problems into partnerships and would love to hear from both of you tomorrow if you could? Idk, don't get all bent out of shape, my intentions were good.... :/

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    Nov 2008
    Gonna go on record here that I never received a call or email, nor did they even VISIT the haunt in question after being offered free tickets. Done with this post. Next time I want information about someone I will post a big "not intended to be malicious just want more information on them" disclaimer in front of it.


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    The reason that we were unable to visit was because we were in Northwestern PA and the Cleveland area reviewing haunts this past weekend. There was literally no way that we could've made the event due to us being out of town. That said, it's regrettable that we were unable to attend it this year, but such things happen for all kinds of reasons.

    There's a few haunts that we regrettably missed due to weather, illnesses, traffic or other issues out of our control. Can't say we like it when it happens, but it does. Thankfully they've all been understanding and we've either been able to reschedule them this year or moved them to next year's tour as the situation and/or our schedule allowed.

    So, before anyone thinks otherwise, this thread had no real bearing on us not visiting. It just wasn't possible due to our already very full schedule.

    As far as not contacting the OP? They have no connection to the haunt in any official capacity (by their own admission) and there was no need for contact since as far as we were concerned the matter was settled. No need for anything more.

    So that's that, only one weekend left and a couple days til Halloween. Stay scary out there and get your scream on!

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