doesnít just run a haunted attraction, we also produce sci-fi & horror trading cards (since 1992). And we want to include YOUR haunt in our next card set.

Weíre producing a haunted attraction series called ďMonsters & Maniacs.Ē Itís a dark series of fictional madmen and murderers, similar in tone to HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CORPSES. Most the images will be close up portrait style photos of various murders/maniacs in show drag. The more gruesome, the better. Killer clowns, hooded henchmen, tattooed psychopaths, you name itóand then their back story on the reverse.

We want to include a card for your haunted attraction in the series, because itís a natural tie-in, and real haunted house fans love seeing and hearing about other haunts. These will be special insert cards, above and beyond the base card series, so they will be considered especially prize-worthy by collectors. 4 out of every 5 boxes will have your card in them.

What we need is:

(#1) A high quality 300 dpi color image, at least 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size, of one or more of your characters. Please avoid obvious latex mask images. Prosthetic make-up is fine, but you donít want to use ďoff the rackĒ masks that everyone has seen at Walmart, Spirit, or Morris. Keep it professional. You want something unique that wonít be the same as other haunts.

(#2) We also need a signed release granting us reproduction rights. We will only use the photo in the card set and no where else (although media outlets may reproduce it when writing about the series for newspaper or magazine coverage.)

(#3) A paragraph or two about your haunt, including something about the character in the photo, the location of your haunt, and the web address for more information. (A phone number can also be included if you wish.) Keep it all under 175 words.

(#4) We only do high quality products at Monsterwax, complete with P.O.P. boxes, packs, gum-- the works. It already costs a lot, and adding extra cards adds to that cost. Our cost per new image is $40 (which includes shipping 100 of your cards to you). In order to include as many haunts as possible, Iím asking fellow haunters to pay for their own card. Thatís $40 per haunt, unless you donít require 100 samples of your card shipped to you (in which case it would only be $35).

I need everything by mid-November (although sooner is better). So you need to take your photos THIS season (unless you already have images you can use from previous seasons). I canít hold up the project for any one haunt, so please, plan accordingly. To get locked in, you can advance pay (and if you donít meet the Nov. 15 deadline, Iíll refund you).

Your sample cards will get to you before Christmas, but the actual series wonít be released until sometime in 2014 (probably near August or September to coincide with Halloween).

This is not a scam to make money. Itís the actual cost. (I can even send a copy of the printing invoice is you like.) Monsterwax has been in the card business for over 20 years and the haunt business for 15 years. So you wonít be disappointed. However, I can only accept a limited number of haunts, so please donít get upset if you delay and we run out of space. I also reserve the right to refuse anyone based on poor quality images or duplicate characters, but itís in your interest to provide good quality photos and be different as well. You can also send more than one photo if you like, that way if your image is too similar to someone else, we can still include you.

If you have any questions, email me direct at, or call me at 850-591-3080 (before 7pm on haunt nights).

Have a happy Halloween!

-Kurt Kuersteiner
3202 Enterprise Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32312

You can send photos for us to scan, but electronic files are best. Payment can be in check or paypal.