This is my first year running a haunt it nothing elaborate basically a traditional haunted house we put a few new spins on some old tricks but basically we are your run of the mill small haunt. I have been acting and building in local haunted houses for the better part of a decade, but since opening a charity haunted house I helped build and scare at last year has been a night mare. At one point me and the person running it were talking ticket packages bc we are both in a small town just outside a college town, but they started about a week ago harassing my employees at their regular jobs and school about what was in my place. Hell I gave them all free passes about 2 weeks ago bc I opening one week before them and wanted some feedback(none of which were redeemed). They have even went to facebook to trash me about stealing ideas. Who knew a drop window and maze was an original idea that no other haunted attraction has ever used?! Anyways I have told all my people just talk to them like old buddies and act like. We could careless because in my opinion all competition is good as long as you have a quality product, but at what point do I actually need to ask the other owner what gives? I was so mad last night when some of my kids from a local school said they have been getting harassed I planned on building a 20' tall sign across the road from their haunt advertising mine since I own the land directly across from them lol, but tonight is their opening night and hopfully they get opened up and it works their jitters out and they will relax.