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Thread: Halloween Craziest

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    Jan 2013
    Newark, NJ
    Glad you posted that link to the cracked article. Was just about to do that myself.

    I haven't been to any of the haunts (as the show calls them, not me) shown but the one in LA with the wire stunts I thought was a very nice touch.

    The home haunter and black out honestly are trying to hard. I give them credit for thinking outside the box a bit by breaking that boundary between the customer and actor but personally I feel that its cheap. Especially for Blackout charging 50 bucks a pop to molester the customer. Any idiot could come up with a handful of scenes that would make 90% of the the customers uncomfortable and call it scary. What next? hang the customers upside down and poke them with a screwdriver? Strap them to a chair, attach lid locks and make them watch Baby Geniuses? Where will the madness end?

    The pumpkin drop looked kinda fun I won't lie. The zip line in the dark sounded awesome. Especially since it was several of them with various "scares" on the trails in between. I have heard of the zombie paintball thing but have yet to try it. Those customers were scarier than the zombies though... bloodthirsty much? The scavenger hunt and coffin race seemed a bit kitsch but hey as long as no one gets hurt.

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    When this reairs? I saw alot of the products I help sell w Juneau Studios at Transworld on the Mckamey MANOR HAUNT. AND THAT WAS VERY COOL! Looks like a pretty good show!
    Damon Carson

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