Hey guys,

So my home haunt implemented a new acting system and it has really ruffled my feathers and Im curious about your thoughts and opinions on it.

All actors, no matter what, start out with a green card. This green card means that all they can do is make noises and sounds. No speech at all.

If you are lucky, you move up to a blue card. Blue cards allow you to say preapproved sayings and phrases for your room/section.

Lastly, there are pink cards. Pink cards give you free reign to say whatever you want.

If you do not follow the system, you are removed from the haunt and not allowed to act.

What do you guys think?

Im a bit aggravated about it to be honest. My character is rather verbal and has lots of fun stuff to say. Ive been doing this for many years, so it almost feels like a punishment of some sort. Maybe Im just over reacting? Im not sure. I have a feeling I am this grumpy because it was also implemented after the season started. After the dialogue development, after the costume and character creation, and after the acting training.