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Thread: Do I have a right to be pissed?

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  1. Default sounds a bit backwards! 
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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    If you got a green card u r allowed to stay in Texas. U have a blue card well you may go to jail! And well a pink card?! Wtf! I've seen alot of poor women actresses! Just my two cents! Bah!
    Damon Carson

  2. Default Hmmmmm 
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    Mar 2009
    I like it ! I like it! That or I just put a shock collar on a couple who once a year seem to say something totally inapropriate.

    Wicked Farmer

  3. Default  
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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    The first 10 years of my career as a haunt actor ( I can say career- haunts are all I do 10 years year round) I did not speak. Learning movement and timing, the subtle differences in posture, Stance, and distance and seeing the effect on the customer.
    Take it as an opportunity to hone skills as opposed to it being a system to beat. It sounds like it was based on a tactic that I use, and it fixes a lot of problems.
    Allen H

  4. Default You are talented !!!!!! 
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    Mar 2012
    Go somewhere else where your talents will be appreciated and respected.

  5. Default  
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    Nov 2008
    Lol! I love the "empowered" folks where the grass is always greener, you can't be replaced, blah blah blah. As Allen said, embrace this.

    Sorry, but most people can be replaced very easily in this world of talents. The key is to be a talent that is flexible.....

  6. Default  
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    Dec 2006
    What are they paying you? Are they paying scale for an actor? For an extra? Probably not. But, if they are, do what they say. That's real good money for a haunt.

    Or are they paying you as little as they legally can?

    Or are you a volunteer?

    Haunt acting isn't a high profile job. Most haunt actors are a motley crew of people who like the idea of haunting. They're not paid great(sometimes not paid at all). They do this for the love of it. Treating your actors like chattel will get you a crew of cowed, timid actors constantly more concerned with offending their boss than they are of scaring the customers. Demanding professional level acting from them--while not paying for that level of acting is a fools game.

    That said, haunt actors are easily replaced. They're people who like haunting and there are far more of them than there are openings at a haunt.

    Haunts work best when owners work with their actors, encouraging and inspiring them. This creates a crew that feels part of the haunt, that wants to be part of the haunt, part of the family. On my big haunt tour I met a volunteer haunter who bought a silicone mask for over $500 because he thought it would add to his effect in a haunt that doesn't pay him(it did, he was great). He did it because he loved his job.

    That's the attitude you want. And you'll never get it if you actors can't speak up because they've got the wrong color card.

    Teach, encourage and inspire first--then deal with problems as they arise. Treating everyone as a problem right out of the gate only guarantees that you'll have a lot of problems.

  7. Default  
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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    I could not disagree more. I get pretty good results with actors with this system- learn to crawl before you walk. Learn fundamentals then fly. I dont want a performer to buy a silicone mask for their set- I want one I am confident enough in to invest in myself.

  8. Default  
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    Nov 2009
    This is the way I see it. If you have to come on the forum to get validation for what you are feeling then you should go with it and see where it takes you. I have watched a lot of actors this year (a total of 79 haunts worth as of today) and find that most actors think that the are the greatest in the industry. But most actors don't go out and see what others are doing and take notes and learn. I held a class for actors this year and had Allen Hopps, Drew Badger, Michael Edwards and Bart Butler teach it, I would say that 25% of the people that walked through the door thought they would not learn much. I will say that 100% walked out learning to be a better actor. You need to be open to what ever is thrown at you and develop you craft with a open mind! don't let your ego get in the way. If your haunt is asking for this then they must be looking for someone that can act without speaking and a actor that can play a character without words is a actor that can work for me any day. Allen has a Charater named Carl and Carl is very entertaining que line Charater but Carl is creepier when is not speaking and just using his body movement to creep you out. The secret to becoming the best you can is not focusing on what you do well but on what you don't do well. Good luck.

  9. Default  
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    Sep 2013
    St. Paul, MN
    Thanks for your responses everyone!

    Last weekend, I did end up at the haunt and acted under my green card restrictions. It was alright, and I did break the rule a few times due to important circumstances where a simple growl was not enough, but other than that it was alright.

    My voice hurt from coming up with new noises and such, but over all it wasn't that bad. I did get to work the lines a bit because they missed me and my talents, which was nice, but I think I was a bit over reactive when I heard the news about this new system.

    Overall, I will have to say that this system is not for everyone. If the actor is not willing to commit to a character enough to explore each of these levels of "carding" or however you want to call it, then they aren't committed enough to the haunt. Do I think it was poorly timed in the season? Absolutely. Would it be better used as a training tool? I think so. But if the system works, go for it.
    "If I ever hear , "Boo", "Hiss", or "Roar", I will personally kick you in the pants."

  10. Default From the MGNT side... 
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    Nov 2004
    Painesville, Ohio
    From a cast manager perspective, this would be a good way to weed out the ones who HAVE been there for as long as they have, and are still not where the show needs them to be. I could also assist in them getting rid of long time actors that are not growing at all.
    Egos are fragile and HUGE in this industry, and this a way to level the playing field. If someone doesn't want to follow the rules, they are obviously not a team player and therefore will leave on their own accord. It also could be someone not sure of what they are doing, starting their actor training from scratch....
    My advice, if you've given them no reason to be gunning for you, and your characters are strong, and you are willing to be apart of the team, set your ego aside, and follow their rules, and you should have no trouble getting where you need to be.
    I know when I look for valued actors, I don't just look at ability, I look at flexibility and their willingness to do whatever I ask them to do on any given night, and know that they will do whatever takes to make the show the best it could be
    Hang in there, you seem to "get" it, so I think you will be ok!!
    Do Vegan Zombies eat heads of lettuce?

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