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Thread: Do I have a right to be pissed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen H View Post
    I could not disagree more. I get pretty good results with actors with this system- learn to crawl before you walk. Learn fundamentals then fly. I dont want a performer to buy a silicone mask for their set- I want one I am confident enough in to invest in myself.
    I'm curious, what do you disagree with?

    Haunters do this largely for the love of it

    The best owners encourage and inspire their actors

    There are more potential haunt actors than there are positions

    Treating your actors like chattel isn't a good idea

    These are some of the ideas I put forth. What do you disagree with?

    I did not specifically criticize the system talked about-- only the idea that demands and prohibitions might not be the best first step. You sell how-to acting videos--I would think that teaching, inspiring and encouraging would be at the top of your list(and, judging from your website content, it is).

    So what do you disagree with?

    The actor I spoke of, the one who bought his own mask? He's in one of the haunts that is routinely ranked top in the country. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen them outside the top ten--and usually in the top five. So, whatever they're doing, it works. It works REALLY good.

    I DO think training, encouraging, and inspiring are the best way to go--and I DO think the system seems to move to stifling far too quickly, and I can understand you disagreeing with that, but "I could not disagree more" just leaves me kinda speechless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tater View Post
    Ive been an doing a character for 9 years...and as these people will tell you...I am a horrible actor!

    Use the anger that you have drive you to get that pink card
    You've been a character for 9 yrs too

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    Just like in "Reservoir Dogs" nobody wants to be Mr. Pink and who wants a pink card? You'd think they'd want to give you a card with a skull and crossbones if you were really good and had all the responsibilities... but pink?

    Not that there's anything wrong with pink.

    If you're a girl.

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    You know what there are so many haunted houses out there now from an amusement park to a professional haunt to a charity haunt to a home haunt... I'd say find a new place to haunt, a place that you want to be and a place that allows you to make what you do fun the way you want to have fun scaring people.

    Does this make sense? LOL

    Its really not the end of the world ... maybe its his loss but its his loss to make. Sometimes their loss is your gain!!!

    You never really know what else is possible unless you explore a little bit!


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