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Thread: RIP Brian

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  1. Default RIP Brian 
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    Nov 2009
    We lost a friend yesterday when Brian Wolf died in Florida after a year long battle with cancer. Brian was one of those special talents that will be missed in the haunt industry for a long time. Please keep his family in your heart and prayers.

  2. Default :( 
    Sure hate to hear this sad news. I have Brian's family in my thoughts and prayers. Shane RIP Brian we all soon will meet again.

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Really sorry to hear that. I know a lot of people here on the forums tried to raise money for him to fight cancer. Larry

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    Mar 2010
    It's definitely a very sad day for both the haunt industry and body painting industry, he was an icon in multiple worlds and I wish his Family well in these very rough and hard days, I'm just glad he's in a better place. My grandpa passed the same way and the hardest part is just watching it happen, the relief comes knowing he isn't suffering any more. Love and condolences to the Wolfe family.

  5. Default sad to hear it! 
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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    He will be missed! R.I.P
    Damon Carson

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    Oct 2007
    So sorry to hear of his passing...


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    Aug 2003
    Another person gone that I think effects the air around us.
    Brian was one of the most positive energetic creative people I know.
    He was so much fun to be around. He and is brother are some of the best people you will ever know.
    Brian is gone, but Nick is still here. let him know he is in your thoughts. His pain has got to be something most hopefully will never experience. To loose a twin has got to be catastrophic. My heart is with you.

  8. Default  
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    Feb 2008
    he was a great man..i miss him
    in order to see the orchestra ...you must turn your back on the crowd...


  9. Unhappy  
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    Jan 2007
    Just wanted to say thank you again to all the people who helped support the Brian Wolfe fight for life campaign.

    You MADE a difference. Brian may have lost his personal battle (and omg there have been too many lately)-but by raising funds for a family that had no insurance, you helped him stay relatively comfortable. His wife Dara was able to spend some time with him instead of working 2 jobs to keep the lights on.

    To all those who signed his well wishes books, sent cards and emails-I can tell you, he read them. They brought some smiles...some tears-but he knew how much people cared.

    I cannot imagine the sorrow Nick is feeling right now. It's like having the other half of your heart die. The gofundme site is still up...http://gofundme.com/brianwolfe I'm sure there are still funeral expenses and Trinity is pretty young, so those with kiddos know how that can be.

    As a good friend of mine said..."Heaven became a much nicer place".

    Treasure those around you. Never know when our time will come. Thank you all again.
    Kathryn DeSautell
    Lafitte's Landing, Dark Shadows Entertainment

  10. Cool  
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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
    A Message from Nick Wolfe about Brian David Wolfe's passing.

    "Hey Y'all! Saw a few friends last night and realized I had to write another update as I must share my peace with you all. Brian is indeed resting in peace. His philosophy in life also included death and he was prepared to learn the secrets of the universe. He was not afraid to go,so when he left ,it was quiet and calm. He was not worried about Trinity because she shares a lot of the same beliefs and is surrounded by a huge,loving family including a carbon copy uncle. She knows how to laugh and make herself feel better when she wants. He was not worried about Dara because of the incredible strength and courage she has shown throughout this whole event. She cared for him like a 5 star hospital and was grateful to be there.He was not worried about me because I have all of you.

    I was not afraid because Brian was not and I hope you all will not be afraid because I'm not.

    This morning Dara and I went to the Funeral Home and picked out an urn for Brian. It is made out of salt so if we decide to drop him into the ocean,it will not have any negative effects on the environment. Besides.I'm sure the sea could use a little more salt to offset the melting polar ice caps.

    We also looked at a place to have Brian's life celebration ceremony and I think we found the perfect place. We're planning to have it the week after Halloween. Halloween day would be cool but I'm pretty sure most of Brian's friends will be working. As soon as we secure the day and location,we will invite everyone. It is attached to a hotel so there will be a pool,rooms and everything else we would need.

    Can't thank you all enough for all the pictures and stories you've been posting! It certainly is nice for the family to sit around and read when we feel like reminiscing.Keep them coming as we'll be putting together slideshows and such for the service. I have tons of unanswered email now and although I'm sure most of you are not waiting for a reply soon,I have seen your names and appreciate your kindness.

    I know it seems like a shock to a lot of you as Brian never complained on Facebook. He rarely ever complained at home! I think that is one of the reasons so many people loved him is because he always had something nice to say. I will aim to live like that because I want to go as peacefully as he did with my family by my side and all my ducks in a row.
    Well played my brother,well played."

    Just like Nick...

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