Last year we were challenged with our marketing. I struggled to find the right medium that would reach this community. We will soon see if our efforts paid off this year. Last weekend we participated in a Zombie Walk, taking our concession trailer with us and one of our main characters. It was a big hit. This morning the local radio station asked us to join the morning show. We were on air for an hour, while some of our actors stood outside the station (they are on a busy thoroughfare) passing out discount coupons to those who stopped. And a lot of people listening to the radio station came by and stopped!

This afternoon the local motorcycle club stopped in to see where they will be setting up their concessions and to get their instructions for what we needed (they will be taking care of parking for us). This club has a tremendous following and they are really excited about the haunt, so hopefully they will help draw. I mention all this because these are some of the things I think you have to do to reach your community, depending on the demographics.

I am not a fan of radio by the way, or print advertising, but this year we are doing both (because they are cheap, and in this rural area they seem to work). So we are trying new and different tactics to reach a broader audience.

We will have a better idea after this weekend how these efforts worked, based on our attendance, but based on the buzz I am hearing so far around this area, we should have better numbers this year! That and the traffic hitting the web site just this week!