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Thread: Ten Haunted Houses I should Visit ...

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  1. Default Ten Haunted Houses I should Visit ... 
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    FYI Folks... Hauntworld is blowing apart on the PR and the everything and we keeping adding stories. I want to do a story on the 10 haunts I should visit and why and maybe I'll attend. I'm thinking about next week packing my bags and seeing something. Where should I go and why??? If I go somewhere I'm going to document my travels.

    Ten Haunts I think I should see...

    1) 13th Gate
    2) Dead Acres
    3) House of Shock
    4) Haunted Overload
    5) Netherworld

    Where else should I go Universal what?


  2. Default who's gonna run the darkness (and sign the paychecks ?) 
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    Mar 2012
    Larry, you are a HANDS ON OWNER, you can't leave now...... this disturbs me............where's TATER ???????? heavens to betsy !!!!!

  3. Default  
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    Nov 2009
    Lafayette, CO
    I would say if you only can make it to one city or area this year your best bets would be either Austin/ San Antonio area or Baton Rogue/ New Orleans area. I've been to all these haunts so I can definitely vouch from experience that they are absolutely worth seeing!

    House of Shock is truly an inspirational haunt, I think as haunters we tend to think of it as "the extreme haunt in New Orleans" and underestimate it's scenic design elements but they too were incredibly realistic. Some of the best sets I think I've ever seen.
    13th Gate is probably the most realistic haunt I've ever seen, it really doesn't focus on the theatrical things but much more on going real and very real with their sets. You'd have time to see both them and House of Shock in one night and the both compliment each other so well, I feel like even you may take home a few inspirations!

    House of Torment really doesn't compare to any other haunt out there. Unlike 13th Gate, it is extremely over-the-top and theatrical with it's own unparalleled style. It's actors are also some of the most amazing and dynamic I've come across.
    13th Floor San Antonio is also a nice compliment to House of Torment that's definitely worth seeing if you're down there (San Antonio is only about an hour from Austin).
    *Sigh*I can't wait til' October

  4. Default been telling you for years 
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    Jan 2004
    Huntington, IN
    Been telling you for years....to get out and visit other haunts. Ranking and putting out a top list without experiencing them is hear say and conjecture, but sound like there is hope. See you in Texas at the Legendary Haunt Tour?
    Brett Molitor (aka ~ JamBam) Member of HAA

    Haunted Hotel-13th Floor (est by Huntington Jaycees in 1968 8) )
    Longest running Haunted House in the WORLD!!

    Hysterium Haunted Asylum (old Haunted Cave), Fort Wayne Indiana

    Hysterium Escapes - 4 rooms with 3 themes








  5. Default Shocktoberfest with the naked (cancelled) event. 
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    Mar 2012
    Groupon half price deals and a haunted theme park. Larry, this is the place !!!!!!

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