Hello everybody!
This season an organization in my local high school is building a haunted house as a fundraiser. We've spent a total of about $1,000 (all that our budget allows) to build the house. But we are having troubles with finding the costumes. Other than the costumes, our haunt is pulling together quite spectacularly.

Are there any cheap ideas costume ideas? We're severely lacking in terms of costumes. We do have plenty of make up to match any costumes that we do come up with though. We have until Thursday, Oct 24 to make the costumes. We have plenty of scrap pieces of fabric and a basic sewing machine. Members can also pitch in (very limited) some money to go thrift shopping for supplies that we might need to make these outfits. Any ideas on costumes and the styles of make up to match these costumes? We're planning on keeping the costumes for years to come.

Our team is a haunted mental asylum.

Any help is greatly appreciated!