I am selling a few molds to make room in our shop.

Raging Richie, http://evilusions.com/store/animated...-richie-detail , Richie consists of 6 urethane rubber molds, backed with urethane plastic, and 2 silicone molds backed with urethane plastic. Mold was used for one latex and foam pull in 2008 for a custom prop. Since then, it has just sat here collecting dust.

The Abomination, http://evilusions.com/store/animated...ination-detail , The Abomination is a one piece urethane mold backed with urethane plastic. The mold is 7-1/2' long 3-1/2' wide. We have made two latex and foam pulls from this mold. One is 2008 for a custom prop, and 1 in 2013 for our haunt.

I am willing to sell both, for a total of $500. You just have to come get them from Mentor Ohio. After a good cleaning, you could easily get several good prop pulls from both. Message me here, email me (gadget @ evilusions.com) or text 440-655-5796. If I don't sell them by mid November, I am throwing them in the garbage, I just don't have the room for them anymore.