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Thread: Hard work pays off.

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  1. Default Hard work pays off. 
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    Mar 2009
    Tonight was one of those nights I will remeber for a while. We opened the non-scary part of the field so a group of scouts could go through the maze. This group of cub scouts has been here several years. After touring the maze they were gathered around the picnic tables - cider and donut time. Making my rounds mingling with the adults and a lady thanked me for the smooth paths as they were so much better than the other mazes she had been to. Told her my daughter hates June as that is the time we hand rake 3 miles of trails after grading them so they are smooth enough to rollerskate on in the fall. She pointed to her son; "That is my son, he has Cerebel Palsey. We went to the maze at ______ Apple Orchard and it was terrible." Another adult chimed in that _____ Apple Orchard was like a Marine Corps obstacle course.

    I have had people in wheel chairs tell me when we go to events and set up a booth to tell people I see in wheel chairs to make sure I tell them our maze is smooth enough for a wheel chair. Make that I had a lady make me promise her I would do that.

    After getting inside tonight I posted on Bestmaze Corn Mazes facebook page about tonights lady and her son. I never dreamed that she would see the posting. This was her first visit. But within an hour she commented on our facebook page 'Wow that is me.....you will never know how much fun my family had tonight...." Making people something that is top notch first class instead of bush hogging a path for people to trip over all night makes the blisters, sweat, sore muscles worth while. Even my 16 year old daughter had to admit the hard work was worth it.

    Not so Wicked Farmer
    Mark Benjamin

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    Jan 2009
    Very cool!

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    Aug 2012
    DFW, Texas
    That's great!

  4. Default Another person just added to the facebook posting 
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    Mar 2009
    "The blind people in our family appreciate how barrier free your trails are...kudos for the hard work"

    I have a little more spring in my step today.

    Wicked Farmer - O hell....who am I kidding. I'm really a nice guy. Granted I do have a twisted streak in me.

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