I even met randy bates. Talk about a hands on owner !!!!! Sunday night, 6:30pm perfect weather. $10 dollar off coupon on the combo deal. Just incredible !!!!!

Best hayride i have ever been on. Incredible detail, scary actors (plenty of them !) they really know how to "work it", great scenes, pyro to the max, falling billboards, you name it !!!! They were coming out of the trees !!!!

Huge crowds at this event !!! Bates motel haunted house, great as usual. Great que line "crawling" actor had everybody screaming. Green house scene was incredible. Scary actors at every turn in the house very well hidden for great jump out scares. Gets better every year.

Haunted corn maze was another winner. Tons of corn field with huge circus tent area and other scares incorporated into this 20 minute outdoor walk thru. It was great !!!!!

If you are anywhere near this place, please, check it out. This week we are going to the pennhurst asylum all i hear about are "the tunnels", the tunnels !!!!!!